Was the ground hog wrong?

I know the ground hog saw his shadow, which should mean 6 more weeks of winter. However, it’s been nothing but spring time around here. It was 61F today! Oh it felt so good, but oh so wrong. Normally this time of the year is covered in snow, we certainly aren’t used to seeing such early growth on plants.

Check out these other worldly colors on this succulent. Almost neon! I wish I could remember what it was called, but I can’t find the little tag that came with it. I try to keep all of my tags so I can remember what I planted, what works well in our garden (for future plantings) and as kind of a dairy.

What is the weather like where you live?

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One Response to Was the ground hog wrong?

  1. It is rainy as always. I am waiting for the warm spring days impatiently. And I really hope that the shadow of the ground hog is lying because I don’t want 6 more weeks rain and cold.

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