Venus Flytrap care and tips

Is there anything more interesting than a carnivorous plant? They are fascinating, and not too hard to care for. The most popular for growing indoors is the Venus Flytrap, although in the right growing zone you can grow them outside too.

The Venus flytrap has a few requirements to thrive; wet roots, high humidity, full sunlight, and poor, acidic soil. They do best in a terrarium type environment (so long as there is air flow, not a true enclosure). I keep mine in this terrarium, which has nice air flow but helps keep the plants humid. There are holes, so sometimes little bugs wander in to be eaten by the plant.

Venus Flytrap close up

Four hours of full direct sunlight is best for Venus Flytraps. They can also do OK under strong artificial lighting if needed, but try to find a sunny spot if possible.

The most important tip is DO NOT USE TAP WATER! The quickest way to kill you Venus Flytrap is by using tap water or any other water that has mineral content. You need to use either distilled, or rain water. They don’t like to sit in water, but they do like their soil to be kept moist. A terrarium helps with keeping them humid as well.

Venus Flytrap closed pod

Oh, and of course, once in a while you might need to feed it. Unless you get lucky and it catches a bug or two on it’s own, you will need to provide food for them to thrive. This site has great information about how to feed your Venus Flytrap, including photos. They also have a lot of tips for growing from seed, and more.

Luckily you can find food easily at your local pet store, in the reptile/fish section.

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