Using Prime Pantry to keep your home running smoothly

Amazon has two great programs (we actually use both for separate reasons) that can help you save money on staples you buy all the time, while also keeping your home easily stocked. Today I am going to share some tips on using Prime Pantry.

Prime Pantry offers many of the staples you love, even a lot of organic products, but unlike the Subscribe and Save feature, there are no subscriptions and no scheduled shipments. This means you can customize your shipment to include what you need, how much, and when you want it shipped.

Prime Pantry uses dedicated boxes at a $6 flat shipping rate. Amazon will keep track of how full you box is based on the size of your items. Luckily there are two easy ways to get around the shipping fee if you want to:

You may have noticed when placing regular prime orders that there is an option to choose “No-Rush Shipping”, this option can be used towards your next Prime Pantry purchase. This is a great option if you know you will be using Prime Pantry soon, and you have an order that you don’t need right away.

Second is by adding 5 “select items” to your Prime Pantry order. These items might be something you already want to buy, so be sure to look at that page!

Prime Pantry prices tend to be on par with grocery store prices, but sometimes they do offer instant coupons or other savings. You will be saving money in terms of not buying more than you need (and wasting it), and saving time, gas, and the chance for impulse buys at the store.

The biggest advantage is the ease of being able to keep your home well stocked with staples, but without having to run to the store all the time to do it. We have loved being able to spend a little time each month, usually in our pajamas, filling a box with things we need. It frees up a lot of time at the store too, since we now mostly go for fresh foods only.

Have you used the Prime Pantry service? What do you think about it? Do you use Subscribe and Save too? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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