The two sweetest words: no cancer!

It’s been quiet around this blog recently, but there has been good reason. I had been feeling pretty rotten, and most days I felt lucky to do the basics of adulting (cooking meals, doing laundry, the basics). To be honest, it has been hard to feel so blah and especially not to know why. And while I am used to health problems (I have two chronic conditions), this time was different.

I had to have a colonoscopy, but at the time we were thinking very different things. Of course, the possibility of colon cancer was there, but it was considered quiet a long shot. They found a tumor, which they removed. Pre-cancer was the word we heard, big too. Of course, there was nothing like hearing 100% that the tumor was not cancer. The two best words in the world!

I will be having a follow up soon, and while things have improved so very much, I am still kind of in a recovery mode of sorts. I do hope to be back to some fun projects soon though since it is now spring time and there is a lot to do in the garden! Thanks for sticking around. 🙂

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