Star Wars Crochet Kit

The Star Wars Crochet kit is about the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! It comes with everything needed to make a Yoda and a Storm Trooper. The kit has the crochet hook, yarn, and embellishments in addition to a book of patterns to make even more Star Wars amigurumi.

Star Wars Crochet Kit

So, even though I have crocheted before I did have a hard time with the patterns. If you aren’t super familiar with following crochet patterns you will likely have the same issue. It’s not that the crochet itself is hard, it’s just very helpful if you have a working knowledge of the terms.

I started on my Yoda head and undid it a few times because I wasn’t getting the same look as in the book. This isn’t to say the book is bad, in fact, it has a lot of great info and color photos to help you create your Star Wars characters. It’s just if you don’t know what things mean, it can be confusing. So I wouldn’t really say the kit is for beginners, but it could be with a bit of coaching (there are helpful tutorials on YouTube).

Overall though, this kit is darling and I am so excited to make my first amigurumi from it! The fact that it will be YODA just makes it even more awesome!

The Star Wars Crochet kit is perfect for the geek in your life, but if that isn’t your thing I did notice a lot of other really cute crochet kits available too (Disney, Frozen, Peanuts).

I received a kit for my review.

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