Save Money, Eat Better

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I am really excited to share this e-book with you. It’s a subject that effects everyone because everyone has to eat! How do you eat well, but also save money on your grocery bill? These are the topics that “Save Money, Eat Better: 45 Seasonal Recipes With Tips to Help Keep You Within Your Budget” addresses. And, from now until November 21st, use the coupon code “stylish” at check out for $5.00 off. Trust me, it is worth every penny!


The authors, Melea from, and Amy & Natalie from know what they are talking about. They bring their expertise together to make it simple and easy to save money while also eating well.

This ebook includes:

  • 45 HEALTHY (Kid-Friendly) Recipes that go along with each season’s “in-season” foods to automatically help you save money without doing any work! (Includes Breakfast to Dinner and everything in between.)
  • A huge list of fruits and vegetables that are in-season throughout the year (and that means on-sale without coupons or any of that ridiculousness)
  • How to keep track of price points with your groceries to know you are always getting a deal.
  • How to grow herbs indoors– including which ones will thrive and you won’t be able to mess up growing!
  • 7 fruits and vegetables you can easily grow on your own and are cheaper to grow yourself.
  • 12 game-changing, money-saving tips & tricks
  • And even how to score produce coupons, if you want to save even more.

I have been pouring over my copy since it arrived (via download) and already learned some tricks to put to work this week. And with the holidays coming up, we could all use a little extra wiggle room in the budget! This is the book to help you do just that, now, and all year long! Get yours here!

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