Remake book review and giveaway

image002What an interesting book! In fact, I hope it’s a series because it left me wanting more.

In Remake we meet Nine, the main character of the book. She lives in a world where you get to choose, at age 17, if you will stay the gender you were born, or if you will change it.

Before your remake day you have to choose everything about your future life, including your job, your height,your gender, the way you want to look, even down to  the color of your teeth! What would you choose?

Nine, a female, is struggling with these choices as her batch’s “remake” day approaches. She especially struggles because although all “batchers” are supposed to be the same, she has traits that are obviously different, and she has been picked on because of them.

Through a series of events though she learns that things are truly not what they appear to be in Freedom Province. What will she choose?

This is where the book leaves off, she makes a very important choice, but what comes after? I’m dying to know; what will become of Nine, Freedom Province, and a group called The Rise. Like I said, I really hope this is just the first in a series because the end felt like just the beginning.


About the Author:
Ilima Todd was born and raised on the north shore of Oahu and currently resides in the Rocky Mountains. She never wanted to be a writer even though she loves books and reading. She earned a degree in physics instead. But the characters in her head refused to be ignored, and now she spends her time writing science fiction for teens. When she is not writing, Ilima loves to spend time with her husband and four children.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of the book Remake in exchange for my review.


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