Print them or lose them

Raise of hands if you remember floppy discs? What about Zip Drives? Anyone out there have a way to access files on either of those? What would happen to your photos if someday in the future jump drives were obsolete? Or if the cloud went away?

It’s easy in this digital age to forget that things change quickly, and with that, there is a real possibility of losing your favorite photos. Even one wicked hard drive crash could see precious files lost. Luckily there is a way to save your photos. And it’s the same thing we have been doing all of our lives, though the technology is different. Print them out!

I was looking for a fun and easy way to print my photos when I came across the this printer . I got very excited about it, bought it, and have loved using it ever since. What’s cool about this particular printer is that it is made to print right from your phone (via a free app)!


The prints are little, but amazing in color and sharpness. The printer uses ZINK Paper, which means there is no ink to worry about. This isn’t a mini ink jet printer, this is creating a true photo print. It is a very cool little gadget.

Of course, if you don’t want to print them yourself there are a lot of other options. You can get photos printed online; you can even get 50 Free Shutterfly Prints here. I like all the options at Shutterfly for things beyond just prints too, you can make a lot of fun gifts.

Another place that I like is Persnickety Prints because they use the true photo printing technology like my little printer. They also have some fun options for those of us who love Instagram! Just order online and they send your photos right to your home.

No matter how you choose to do it, just be sure you do something. You don’t want to lose your favorite photos just because technology changes!

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