Pinterest Inspired Christmas Goodies

Last year I saw this idea on Pinterest. Last year, when little donuts were easy to find, you know, before Hostess went belly up. I do think you can still get little donuts, or if you feel very nice and have a lot of time, you could always make your own donuts. Either way, these are really fun and easy to make.

With mini-chocolate chips, some pretzels, and Christmas M&Ms, you can easily create snowmen and reindeer using little donuts as a base. As you can see, we put them in a cute plate holder (with dog bones attached since our neighbor has a dog). Fun, right?

Since then I have seen similar ideas done in slightly different ways, all of them have been incredibly cute. I’m going to try it with full sized donuts soon!

Where do people come up with such creative ideas? I sure don’t know, but thank goodness for Pinterest so we can find them all.

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