R2D2 in the Kitchen

If you didn’t already know this about me, I will confess right now, I am a big geek. And I like to have fun in my home, so of course I wanted to share these adorable R2D2 goodies for the kitchen. Is he your favorite droid too?

First up, have fun measuring while you cook with R2D2!

Exclusive Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set by ThinkGeek

And to match, you can time your tasty creations with your favorite droid as well!

Star Wars R2D2 Kitchen TimerStar Wars R2D2 Kitchen Timer

Both of these fun R2D2 items are found at Think Geek (along with tons of other great geeky goodies).

These are affiliate links, that means if you choose to shop via my link you help support this site.

We love the Ibotta app, and think you will too!

Just a few weeks ago my friend introduced me to the Ibotta app. I started using it and have already earned over $40 in rebates. This app is amazing.


If you want to try it you can sign up with my link and get an extra $10 bonus just for redeeming your first rebate. Using the app couldn’t be easier, just check the store you plan to visit and add any items that you are going to buy. Obviously some items have better rebates than others, but it’s nice to get anything back for something you would be buying anyway.

Once you get home you redeem your rebates by taking a photo of your receipt. Sometimes they will ask you to scan bar-codes for the items as well. It’s a very easy process, and certainly faster and more convenient than cutting coupons.

You can get your rebate money sent to your PayPal account, which is very nice. Also, there are bonuses throughout the month and some of them include “team mates” so be sure to connect your Facebook account and use your referral link to invite friends to join.

What about you? Do you already use and love this app too?

Let’s go on a picnic

The season for picnics has arrived! If you have ever wanted to pack a perfect picnic, here are the items that I would suggest. Food not included. 🙂

This is a fun take on the classic picnic basket, but it’s been upgraded to be insulated! It also comes with plates, silverware, and glasses for four people. And it’s a great deal too!

A sturdy, waterproof picnic blanket is next on the list of what to pack. I love that this blanket folds up neatly for easy transport and storage. The fact that it’s a fun plaid is an added bonus.

Ice packs are super important, especially if you are planning to picnic far from home. You want to be sure to keep your food nice and cool in your picnic basket, and these small flat ice packs are great. We use them for a lot!

Don’t forget something to keep your drinks cold! This insulated bottle will keep your beverage cold for 36 hours! It’s amazing. Of course you can always pack another small cooler with soda bottles if you prefer. I like this bottle for sparkling cider though.

What would a picnic be without a classic lawn game like bocce? This set is extra fun, because it lights up! You can play even as it starts to get dark (in fact, it’s more fun that way). Maybe you even want to bring along a set of lawn checkers too!

Don’t forget your camera! What would an old fashioned picnic be without a fun, old fashioned camera? I adore my Instax, and it’s so fun to get instant photos to look at and share with your picnic guests. Don’t forget to pack extra film!

Enjoy your picnic!


Follow the sun

This spring I noticed a cute little plant popping up in a container. I knew that I hadn’t planted anything there in the fall, so I assumed that it was maybe the pumpkin coming back (which would have been crazy after a long winter). However, as it started to grow I knew it wasn’t a pumpkin, but I still didn’t quiet know what it was. Luckily, a quick ask of my friends gave me the answer. Do you know what it is just by looking at it?


Yes indeed, it’s a sunflower!

A little bird must have brought it to our garden, since we don’t eat sunflower seeds, and no one in our household planted one. There are actually two stalks, so it should be fun to see how tall they grow, and if they make a lot of seeds.

Next year I am going to plant sunflowers on purpose. I have already added these sunflower seeds to my wishlist.

Have you ever had a fun mystery plant pop up in your yard? Did you leave it to grow like I did?

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