The Ideal Amount of Sunlight for Growing Your Garden

We really like this infographic showing the amounts of sunlight that fruits and vegetables need. It is a great “cheat sheet” for gardeners, and a helpful reminder when you are plotting your garden.

I hope that you found this helpful. Another thing you can do to make sure you have the proper amount of sunlight for your plants is to use sunlight calculators. Your local nursery will be able to help you get the right plants too.

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The battle of the grass has begun

Every year it’s the same thing, the grass takes over the flower beds. This isn’t normal grass though. It’s the awful, thick, weedy, orchard grass that is known to be impossible to clear. It comes back no matter what I do to it. I dig it out. I pull it out. I even use Round Up on it. And still it comes back.

On the left was what it looked like before I spent about 2 hours digging. On the right, if you look closely, you can see a small clear spot near the bend in the sidewalk. Yep, two hours, and still so much more to do.

Unfortunately this orchard grass has also started taking over our regular lawn too. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the only real way to get rid of it is to dig it out. The roots go long and deep, which means you really have to dig deep. Sadly there isn’t time or money to rip out our entire lawn and replace it with new sod, especially when the orchard grass still grows in other places and would eventually find it’s way back to our lawn eventually anyway.

Wish me luck! I hope that I win the battle, but so far the grass has the upper hand.

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The two sweetest words: no cancer!

It’s been quiet around this blog recently, but there has been good reason. I had been feeling pretty rotten, and most days I felt lucky to do the basics of adulting (cooking meals, doing laundry, the basics). To be honest, it has been hard to feel so blah and especially not to know why. And while I am used to health problems (I have two chronic conditions), this time was different.

I had to have a colonoscopy, but at the time we were thinking very different things. Of course, the possibility of colon cancer was there, but it was considered quiet a long shot. They found a tumor, which they removed. Pre-cancer was the word we heard, big too. Of course, there was nothing like hearing 100% that the tumor was not cancer. The two best words in the world!

I will be having a follow up soon, and while things have improved so very much, I am still kind of in a recovery mode of sorts. I do hope to be back to some fun projects soon though since it is now spring time and there is a lot to do in the garden! Thanks for sticking around. 🙂

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Electro-Light Fire Starter Giveaway

The weather is warming up, and that means more time spent outside by the firepit, or cooking on the BBQ! Luckily we have a great product that can help make things even easier, the Electro-Light Fire Starter. We had the chance to try one out for ourselves last year (you can read our review here), and we just love it. You can also use it indoors if you have a wood burning fireplace.

How does it work? It uses super high 1300°F temperature air to ignite, then fan the flames with built-in blower. We love that you don’t need lighter fluid, or matches. You will need a plug though, as this is electric. It lights super fast too, just 2-3 minutes and you are ready to go! We love how much faster it is, and that we don’t have to use lighter fluid anymore.

We are super excited to be able to offer an Electro-Light Fire Starter to one lucky reader thanks to our friends at Home Right. To enter use the form below, this giveaway is open to those in the USA only.

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*Thanks to HomeRight for sponsoring this giveaway.*