Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls 18” Doll

*I received a doll in exchange for my review. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post.

I loved the Little House on the Prairie books when I was a little girl. I remember reading about her life, which was so very different than my own. Many times you could find me in our basement, with a little “house” all set up, pretending to be Laura in the cabin.

Then the TV series came out! Even now, as an adult, I love to watch when I find it on re-runs. There is just something so charming about the series, the characters, and yes, Laura herself.

I was pretty excited to learn that The Queen’s Treasures created a Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls doll.


The Laura Ingalls 18” Doll is available online at and for $99.99. There are a lot of adorable accessories as well at the Queens Treasures, even a covered wagon.

The doll comes with her own doll, a quilt, and a pillow. The doll is very high quality, the hair is soft, and she even has sweet little freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her eyes open and shut, and her body is soft. A lovely doll for anyone who loves Little House on the Prairie.

Be sure to enter this amazing giveaway:

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The prize pack includes the following:

  • One Laura Ingalls Doll by The Queen’s Treasures. Retail value $99.99
  • One Little House Wagon, one Little House Pony, and one Little House Pony w/Saddle by The Queen’s Treasures. Retail value $279.97
  • Jack the Brindle Bull Dog and Shaker Boxes, Cooking Set, Dishes Set, and Kitchen Tool Set. Retail value $195.95
  • Doll Clothing and Accessories by The Queen’s Treasures including: Child’s Apron & Cap, Prairie Dress Set, Little House Night Gown, and Little House Quilt & Basket. Retail value $89.96
  • One Complete Collection DVD Set of the original Little House on the Prairie television series. Retail Value $120
  • One DVD of the Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder documentary. Retail Value $19.95

To learn more about the real Laura Ingalls, be sure to visit this website for history, crafts, and recipes.


November in the garden

This fall has been surprisingly warm. Generally we have our hard freeze in mid October, but here we are a few days into November and we still haven’t had it. Today was in the 60s, and it looks like the next week will be that nice too. This means a lot of things are still blooming in the garden that shouldn’t be.



The only downside is that we have had a nasty aphid infestation in our area. They won’t be killed off until the hard freeze comes. Just look at how many are covering our poor roses!


This nice weather also has made it hard to get in the holiday spirit… it’s hard to think of Thanksgiving and Christmas when there are still flip flops on my feet. I keep thinking it’s still summer.

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FitBit Blaze fitness tracker

As we get closer to the holiday season, I thought it might be fun to share with you some of my favorite things. These are things we own and love, that I think would make amazing gifts!

I had been using the Fitbit Flex for a few years and really loved it. However, I wanted to get a fitness tracker that had a heart monitor. I also really missed having a watch (the Flex is great, but it didn’t tell time). Luckily, my timing was great and the Fitbit Blaze was just coming out.

Like I mentioned, I really missed having a watch, and the Blaze has a watch face! This has become one of my favorite features, as I can easily look down to see the time and how I am doing on my step goal for the day.

Other features I like are the activity and sleep trackers. The main feature I wanted was the heart rate monitoring, which is also tracked all day so you can look at your app to get an idea of your regular resting range. This has been really great for me personally since I have a heart condition, but of course the heart rate monitoring is perfect for working out too!

The Blaze has call, text, and calendar notifications. Sometimes my Blaze will tell me about a text before my phone does!

Another feature that I have found to be VERY handy is the alarm which will vibrate on your wrist. I set one up to remind me of a pill I need to take at the same time each day, but you can set up single time alarms, or other recurring schedules too.

You can also control your music from the watch so you don’t have to pull out your phone while you are working out. This has been more useful than I originally thought it would be.

As for the style of the watch, the watch face is a little big if you have smaller wrists like I do. You can get different bands to change the style, but I have stayed with the basic black plastic it came with. I really have liked the traditional watch band versus the Flex band.

The battery life it pretty good considering all the things it is tracking. I find I need to recharge every 4-5 days.

I really love it though, and am so happy with the purchase. It would be an amazing gift for yourself or anyone else on your gift giving list!

bObsweep saves the day!

As we get closer to the holiday season, I thought it might be fun to share with you some of my favorite things. These are things we own and love, that I think would make amazing gifts!

robot vacuum,

I have wanted a robot vacuum since they first came on the market. The idea of being able to get a clean carpet without having to do anything was so appealing. I vacuum regularly, but with Bob I can get my carpets even cleaner without the extra effort! Since Bob does all the dirty work on his own, our carpets get vacuumed more often.

The version we own is made especially for homes with pets, and we were thrilled to learn that it picks up hedgehog quills like a dream! I also love that it he a UV light, so it’s not just getting up the dirt and pet hair (or quills), but he’s actually sanitizing as it goes.


Everything that is included:

The charging station
a mop attachment
two microfiber moping cloths
two side brushes
a spare main brush
small screw driver

You may be wondering why there is a small screw driver included, this is because you have a tiny little assembly to perform when the unit arrives. You are adding a side sweeper, and it’s so simple to do! Once that is done, you are ready to charge him up, and get him vacuuming.

As I mentioned the bObsweep PetHair is more than a vaccum! Bob also mops with the microfiber moping clothes. We use him as a vacuum only though, because our kitchen cabinets are just slighting too short and he gets stuck under them.

The bObsweep PetHair can also be programed to run how you want, in addition to his normal routine. You can do a thirty minute quick clean, or a fifteen minute touch up. There is also a deep spot clean setting. You can also have Bob do cleanings on a set weekly schedule that you create.

Bob has sensors that allow him to sense edges, detect drops (like stairs), and to help him locate objects in his path. He also goes home to his charging station when the battery level gets too low! He is one smart little robot! He seemed to do well on our different piles of carpet, and of course the mopping feature is great for hard floors!

Bob’s dustbin is easy to empty, and has filters to help keep dust contained. Very helpful for if you have allergies like I do!

The only issue we have encountered is with the docking station. It’s very lightweight, causing it to be pushed around instead of Bob docking. We solved this by making sure the docking station was against a wall, so it wouldn’t move when Bob tried to dock.

Overall I have been so thrilled with our robot vacuum. I even posted a photo on Facebook not that long ago saying how satisfying it was to watch it vacuum the house. Seriously, it is so fun to watch. This would make an amazing gift for yourself, or anyone else on your gift list. You can find bObsweep on Amazon, there are several versions so you can pick the best fit for your household.