Termite prevention

Termites are the last thing any homeowner wants to think about, but sadly, you do have to think about it. I enjoyed this infographic about termites and learned a thing or two. Hopefully with a little prevention, none of us will ever have to worry about termites!

termite info

Thanks to Everlast Rubbermulch for the great graphic.

Influencer Marketing for Dummies

Influencer Marketing for Dummies Influencer Marketing for Dummies approaches all the new avenues in marketing, especially with finding online influencers. Although this book is written for those on the marketing end, as an influencer you can learn quiet a lot from it as well.

Anyone who has worked with a brand on a campaign for a blog or any other social media can relate to some of the quirks that can happen, and both the good and the bad.

I count myself really lucky to have worked with great brands who have communicated clearly what their goals were for the campaign. I do know this isn’t always the case though! The book actually talks about the importance of the brand to make things clear while still giving the influencer the freedom to create the content in their voice.

As a blogger I did enjoy reading about what influencers look for when they try to find influencers to work with. It was also interesting to learn that numbers aren’t always the key, which we hear often but it doesn’t always seem to be true. However, influence is about much more than numbers and an actively engaged audience who cares about the topics being shared is actually one of the most important aspects.

Like most books in the Dummies series, this is an easy read with well laid out chapters and loads of information. Certainly a good read for any who hope to work in marketing in the social network day, and a good read for those who work on the other end as influencers as well.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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New year, new clothes

Every now and then it’s fun to buy new things to wear. Here are some picks for 2016 (affiliate links):

Coach tour dress

I love this dress from ModCloth. The color is pretty, and in it’s own way is a bit of a neutral that could go with almost anything.

Dogs before dudes

Sorry dudes, but dogs are a girls best friend. This tee looks fun and comfy, perfect for layering under your favorite cardi, or when the weather warms up it can be worn alone.

Many days I feel like I am not able to adult. Might as well warn everyone with this tee.

Mint bag

A fun new bag is always a good thing. Something about the mint color just brightens the winter!

Do you buy new clothes at certain times of the year? What are you loving to wear right now?

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