Holiday decor and storage

There aren’t any major holidays during this time of the year, so it’s a perfect time to take a hard look at your holiday decor. We don’t have a ton of room for storage, so I have been going through our decorations, letting go of the things we rarely use and keeping the things that we love the most. If you have a lot of space in your garage or basement, these plans from Ana White would be amazing to use.

It’s been eye opening to say the least. Over the years we have collected a lot of cute, but not always our style, stuff. Some of that is due to well meaning gift givers, some of it is impulse buys. For me what has helped is looking seriously at what makes our home feel most like the holidays. In other words, what are the things that ALWAYS get brought out.

Turns out, it’s actually pretty small. For example, at Christmas the things that make it most feel like the holiday are a Christmas tree, a Christmas village or two, some favorite pillows and stuffed animals, lighted garlands on the banister and stockings at the fireplace. I do have a lovely nativity scene, but I was surprised to realize it never gets brought out. It was lost in the other decorations. Now that we have pared down, it won’t be forgotten.

Christmas Village

Whatever hadn’t been brought out during the holiday, especially if it had been YEARS since it was used, was donated to our local charity. This made me extremely happy because now maybe someone else out there can use and love it, instead of the items being packed away in our basement and not used.

Of course this technique can apply to anything you are trying to declutter, but it really helps with holiday decor. It seems like we have a lot more sentimental feelings attached to holiday objects, so thinking about what makes things FEEL most like the holiday to you really helps a lot.

I now look forward to the upcoming holiday season because I know that everything I want will be easier to find and access. It’s going to feel so nice instead of feeling a bit stressful.

Let me know if you give it a try, and how you felt about it!

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Attract dragonflies to your garden.

One of the joys of having a flower garden is attracting lovely insects like dragonflies.


Did you know dragonflies are one of the oldest known insects? They like wet areas, so ponds and fountains can help attract them. They are not just lovely to watch, they are also helpful in keeping undesirable insects in check, especially flies and mosquitoes.

A pond in a sunny location, but without fish, will help support all stages of dragonfly life. They like to land on tall items, so decorative stakes and trellises might help attract them as well.

We find that black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia hirtais) is a favorite and it grows well in our Utah landscapes. Any flowers that attract smaller bugs will help bring dragonflies too (they need a food source).

Do you have dragonflies visiting your garden?

Infographic: Feng Shui for the Home

The Ancient Chinese ritual of Feng Shui has roots dating back more than 6,000 years and it remains a widely adopted concept to this day. All across the world, millions of people believe deeply in the idea that the placement of objects within a room has a critical bearing on our energy levels and, indeed, our approach to everyday life. created this infographic exploring how Feng Shui can be used to positive effect within our homes, as well as giving a highly informative background on the concept for readers who may not be familiar with its finer points. Feng Shui is based on five core elements – earth, wind, water, fire and metal – and each of these boasts its own defining characteristics in terms of associated qualities, plus the colours and direction for which they work best.

While understanding the cornerstones of Feng Shui is one thing, effective implementation of these is another. The good news is that the creators of the infographic below have done most of the thinking for you by recommending numerous ways in which you can practice positive Feng Shui in almost every room in your home. We think this is a tremendous graphic and we’re sure that you’ll pick up some magnificent Feng Shui tips from it!

Feng Shui for the home

On the Edge

On the Edge
Have you heard of Stuart Edge? I hadn’t until I got the chance to read his new book, On the Edge.

Stuart has nearly 2.5 million YouTube subscribers and more than 20 million views on select videos, he is known for his “feel good” approach to life.

In the book he talks about how life hasn’t always been easy. He also talks a lot about faith (he is LDS) and how staying true to what he believes made the difference for him. If you haven’t seen his videos, you can watch them on his YouTube channel here.

He certainly had the worst job ever to pay his way through college. In fact, it was this job that inspired the title of the book, “On the Edge: How My Crappy Job Changed My Life”. Yes friends, he used to be a porta potty cleaner! Eww.

Honestly I am not sure how anyone does that job, but thank goodness people do! I’m pretty certain after that job you could handle most anything.

It’s a fun read, and I enjoyed how honest he is. He shares the journey that he took, and some of the crazy adventures along the way (dating stories are quiet funny). He shares his struggles with anxiety and his parent’s divorce. He also talks about how he got into making videos.

This would be a great read for teens! I enjoyed it too of course, but I can see a lot of value in sharing his experiences with people just getting started in the world.

*I received a copy of the book for my review. No other compensation was given, and as always, my opinion is my own.

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