Muppet collectibles

We have been going through storage at my parent’s home, and oh what fun things we have found! I remember trying to collect all of these glasses from McDonald’s, as well as some from Star Wars. These aren’t the only special glasses we collected, and I don’t think we ever accomplished getting a full set. It was always a big deal when the new glasses came out, but I don’t remember what you had to buy to get one. Anyone else remember this?

The Muppets were such a big part of my childhood too, we always made sure to watch The Muppet Show. The two grumpy old men in the balcony were always my favorite part. Is it any wonder I ended up with a bit of snark in my sense of humor?

Did any of you collect these glasses as a kid too? If you did, do you still have them?

Kodama terrarium

Awhile back I found these cute little kodama figures on Amazon, and for such a cheap price too! I knew I wanted them for something, but hadn’t figured out just yet what it would be. Last month I noticed a perfect glass vase with a lid in our basement that wasn’t being used, and that’s when the idea for a terrarium came! This wasn’t going to be a living plant terrarium, but I did want to use natural elements to make it.

kodama terrarium

I found a perfect stick in our garden, trimmed it down to size, then used craft glue to stick the moss and the figures on it. I filled the bottom of the glass with a bit of aquarium gravel, and a few shiny marbles to catch the light. It was really easy and fun to put together, and I love the end result.

I didn’t end up using all of the kodama figures, so I might have to come up with something else for the other two in the future. Are you a Studio Ghibli fan?

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The Festival of Trees 2017

The Festival of Trees is coming soon, and I just wanted to help spread the word about this amazing event. For 47 years the Festival of Trees has given us a magical experience and helped kids at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Festival of Trees

Taking place November 29 through December 2 at South Towne Expo Center, the festival is the perfect way to kick of your holiday season. Enjoy Christmas trees, wreaths, and quilts. They have life sized playhouses, gingerbread creations, kid’s activities, goodies, entertainment, handmade gifts, centerpieces, Santa, and don’t forget about the scones and fudge.

This year they are breaking a record with 7 playhouses!! The popular local show Studio C is also making a tree and will be live streaming it as they do, which should be fun. And of course, the most important part of all, every penny helps the kids at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Get your tickets online at, be sure to buy before Thanksgiving and get a discount.

To learn about one of the special children that Primary Children’s helps, you can watch this sweet video about the Festival of Trees little poster girl Nyla Jane!

I hope to see you there for this wonderful event! Nothing will get you in the Christmas spirit faster than seeing all the trees, and knowing that you are helping an amazing cause at the same time.