Infographic – Surviving a Kitchen Remodel: Stay On Time & Under Budget

If you’ve ever looked into the cost of doing a kitchen remodel, you know that just one trip to the hardware store can be overwhelming. Renovating even just part of your kitchen can yield several bills and if you don’t plan well, you’ll find yourself going way over budget. Consolidated Food Service has put together an infographic illustrating common costs and tips on how to survive a kitchen remodel. With these things in mind, you’ll find that planning your kitchen renovation is a snap. I wish we had this when we were re-doing our kitchen! We would have planned much better.

Source: Consolidated Foodservice

West Elm and the ASPCA

I fell in love with these adorable internet star ornaments. Not only do they feature internet famous animals, but they also help real animals. Obviously we had to have them for our little tree. I can’t wait to put them up.


For each ornament purchased, $1 is donated to the ASPCA®. The full set includes Manny the Frenchie, Kokoro + Chibi, Nala the Cat, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, and Cookie. They also offer tea towels too.

Cute, right? Deck your halls and do some good. :) Not paid to share this, just really love them.


The events of recent days has my heart feeling broken. I am always reminded of this quote from Mr. Rogers during times of great trouble. And already we have seen some big acts of courage and of kindness. Look for them, it does help.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 3.54.48 PM

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Straw Bale Gardening

Have you tried straw bale gardening? I’ve been pretty interested to try it, so I was excited about this infographic. It explains more about why the straw bale garden is a good choice. I’m curious to hear from anyone who has tried it. Did you get good results? Was it easier to set up? Would you recommend it to other gardeners? Chime in in the comments.


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