Halloween Decor 2017

If you’ve been reading long, you know that I love Halloween. This year we added some new things to the usual decor! First up, these adorable Haunted Mansion ornaments for the Halloween tree. I’ve never been to Disneyland during Halloween, but oh how I want to go! I actually haven’t been to Disneyland since I was 12, but always the Haunted Mansion was my favorite, with the Pirates of the Caribbean as my second. So when I found these on the Disney site, we knew they belonged on our tree.

This pirate skeleton cracks me up. The gold tooth, the peg leg, the hook, but especially the bird!! So, as not to be lonely, this year our skeleton pirate caught himself a nice mermaid! Oh, she made us all laugh so hard when that wig went on. And of course, a proper coconut bra is a must.

The happy couple even has a pet frog:

Do you enjoy decorating for Halloween in your house? It’s one of my favorites, but I only like the fun, and cute. You won’t find anything scary or gory in our household!

Acorn Stairlift Review

When my dad started having problems getting around the house, and having falls, we knew we had to do something to help keep him safe. The last thing we wanted was him to fall down the stairs, and the stairs in their home are actually pretty steep, so it would certainly have been a disaster if that had happened. Moving really wasn’t an option, and really they didn’t want to move anyway. This is when we decided to do a stair lift. We went with Acorn, so that is what I will be sharing with you today.

The process is very easy. When you call they set up a time for a consultant to come out, measure your stairs, tell you about the product and how it will work. If you live in certain states (Utah is one of them) you can get a waiver on the sales tax if you have a doctor’s prescription for the stair lift. This saved us a lot of money, and our doctor agreed that it was an important safety item. You can also get a bit of a break on price if you belong to AARP. If you decide to go forward they ask for a small deposit before they schedule your install.

The nice thing about Acorn is they can make it work on a variety of stairs. Ours needed a curve so it would end in a good spot (the front door enters to the stair case, so we wanted the chair tucked out of the way). You can also see that we had a landing as well, so it needed to go around that too.

The install is scheduled pretty quickly, which is great since it’s a safety issue we didn’t want to wait long. It was about a week from our consultation to our installation day. Installation in our house took about 5 hours, maybe 6. It wasn’t an all day affair. The installer was very professional and knew what he was doing.

When the install is done, the installer will walk you through using the chair, explaining the different parts and how it all works. They will go over this as many times as you need. They will also have the main user do a test run in the chair while they are there to make sure that the person who is going to use it most is comfortable using it and understands the controllers.

The controls are simple on the chair, and it also comes with two remotes (one for the top of the stairs, one for the bottom). Our installer even said we could put a laundry basket on the chair and run it up the stairs if we didn’t want to carry it! But really, the controls come in handy if someone goes up the stairs, but someone needs it to come back down so they can go up the stairs too.

We have been very happy with it! Since my dad is the main user, it has been really important to us that he likes using it, and he does. The entire ride up our stair case (and remember it’s kind of big and steep) takes about one minuet. The really nice thing is the chair will keep the rider at a constant level, meaning you don’t feel the shifts in steepness. It’s a very smooth, easy, ride. Yes, I tried it.

They also offer great support in case anything does go wrong with the unit. And since it runs on batteries, you don’t have to worry about not being able to use it if the power goes out.

I highly recommend getting a stair lift if you need one for yourself or a loved one. I wish we had done this sooner for my dad, but we are so pleased to have it now and to know that he is safe on the stairs. It’s very comforting not to have to worry about falls on the stairs, and to know that they are able to stay in their home for years to come now.

A golden piñata purse and the craziest GoFundMe ever.

It all started when Jill posted a photo of this purse (at the store) on Aleisha’s Facebook page. You see, if you know Aleisha you know that she loves to spread happiness in the form of piñatas, and this purse was of course the PERFECT one for her. Except of course that the purse was $500. Yep. You read that right.

Friends were saying they would pitch in. After all, this was THE purse. I suggested we start a GoFundMe for it. People told me to do it… maybe they didn’t think I would, but why wouldn’t I? I mean, this could be super fun!!

So, in what can only be called the craziest GoFundMe ever, we raised money for the golden piñata purse named Penny. And the money was raised in less than 24 hours. You guys, that is how much people love Aleisha. Penny is now traveling to her porch, and we are all awaiting the reaction from our friend.

It’s like Christmas, when you have the perfect gift for someone, but you have to wait until they get to open it. It feels like it will be forever, and I know that there are so many who can’t wait to see our friend with Penny on her arm.

Oh, and by now I am sure if you don’t know her you might be completely confused about the piñata thing and why so many would want to make sure Aleisha had a $500 piñata purse. Don’t worry, if you read this post about it on her blog it will clear it all up. If you look on Instagram for the #porchpinata tag you will see all the amazing piñatas she has gifted to people.

This has got to be the most fun I have had on social media in years. Watching that total go up, and up, and up, was awesome and so fun. It is a testament to how loved she is, and how a little fun goes a long way too.

And if you happen to want your own piñata purse, that little piñata in the corner will take you to Amazon where you can order your own. I love the little legs.

Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

I have always loved solar lights, especially in the garden. They are easy to install, and add light to areas that would be hard to run electricity. Unfortunately they have always had a dim light, but we just got to try a solar powered outdoor light from Deelat and it is so nice and bright!!

When we were approached to try one of the solar lights from Deelat, it was hard to choose. However, we have a door to our garden that has needed a light, but didn’t have an easy power source. So of course the solar wall light was the perfect choice. That is until it arrived, and I realized that this area actually doesn’t get a lot of sunlight thanks to our tress. Oh no!

So, while we search for the perfect spot, we have been enjoying the solar light in a non-traditional area. It’s getting a lot of sun, so we have been able to see it in action! It’s amazingly bright! I love that it turns on at dark all on it’s own too. Also neat is that it has a motion sensor, and when someone walks past it actually gets brighter. The light charge lasts a long time, and the light turns itself off in the daylight.

This light is very well made too, it’s actually pretty heavy. This isn’t a cheaply made plastic light at all, this is a solid, well made item. Well worth every penny as it is built to last. The light also came with everything needed to mount it to the wall (or other vertical surface).

Since it’s made for outside, it has a nice waterproof rating too. And can we also talk about the style? I love the classic European style of this light.

I hope to find a place to put it permanently soon, but I wanted to share this with you right way since this is the time to be in the garden most, and these lights would be amazing along a fence or in a pergola (wish we had both of those things).

To find out more, see more photos, and order for yourself, check out this page. While you are there be sure to have a look at all the solar powered products the company offers.