Sensational Succulents coloring book

What do you enjoy most about coloring? I love how relaxing it is to choose colors and just let things unfold. Sensational Succulents has become a new favorite of mine, and I am sure you can see why! Who doesn’t love succulents? The amazing natural patterns make the perfect coloring book!

Sensational Succulents coloring book page

The other thing that I like about the book is that each page is only one sided, so you could use markers if you wanted to without being worried about bleed through. I also love that each page tells you the names of the succulents you are coloring. The paper quality is great too, it’s a nice thicker paper that really colors well.

I love the variety of patterns as well, there are some that are simple, and some that are much more intricate. Just like their plant counterparts, each is unique!

Sensational Succulents is a great addition to your coloring book collection!

Big thanks to Timber Press for sending us this fun book, as always, my opinion is my own.


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Container potting mix

Lumina pumpkins in a planterIf you don’t have room for a traditional garden, a container garden is a great alternative. In fact, they make great additions to any type of garden. To be a success they need great soil, especially if you plan to grow food. Here are some tips for picking a great potting mix:

The best place to start is your local nursery. I don’t mean the big box stores, I mean an honest to goodness nursery. They will be able to point you in the right direction for your growing zone, and give you insight into which plants will work best in containers. They are a great wealth of knowledge if you are just starting out on your garden. Be sure to ask which potting mix they recommend.

Read the ingredient list. A good potting mix will contain some of the following; peat or coir to absorb water, organic matter such as compost, bat guano, manure, and/or worm castings (plus many others) for nutrients, and perlite or vermiculite to increase drainage. A good bag of soil will feel “just right” when you pick it up (not too heavy, not too light).

Don’t want to buy pre-made? You can always mix your own.

Basic Potting Soil

2 parts sieved compost
2 parts peat
1 part course builders sand grit, and/or perlite

Depending on what you plan to grow, you might need to add specific nutrition to your container. I have found it easiest to buy a good pre-made soil instead of trying to make our own. Normally we like to DIY things, but if you don’t have a lot to make, it’s much more convenient to buy pre-made.

Holiday decor and storage

There aren’t any major holidays during this time of the year, so it’s a perfect time to take a hard look at your holiday decor. We don’t have a ton of room for storage, so I have been going through our decorations, letting go of the things we rarely use and keeping the things that we love the most. If you have a lot of space in your garage or basement, these plans from Ana White would be amazing to use.

It’s been eye opening to say the least. Over the years we have collected a lot of cute, but not always our style, stuff. Some of that is due to well meaning gift givers, some of it is impulse buys. For me what has helped is looking seriously at what makes our home feel most like the holidays. In other words, what are the things that ALWAYS get brought out.

Turns out, it’s actually pretty small. For example, at Christmas the things that make it most feel like the holiday are a Christmas tree, a Christmas village or two, some favorite pillows and stuffed animals, lighted garlands on the banister and stockings at the fireplace. I do have a lovely nativity scene, but I was surprised to realize it never gets brought out. It was lost in the other decorations. Now that we have pared down, it won’t be forgotten.

Christmas Village

Whatever hadn’t been brought out during the holiday, especially if it had been YEARS since it was used, was donated to our local charity. This made me extremely happy because now maybe someone else out there can use and love it, instead of the items being packed away in our basement and not used.

Of course this technique can apply to anything you are trying to declutter, but it really helps with holiday decor. It seems like we have a lot more sentimental feelings attached to holiday objects, so thinking about what makes things FEEL most like the holiday to you really helps a lot.

I now look forward to the upcoming holiday season because I know that everything I want will be easier to find and access. It’s going to feel so nice instead of feeling a bit stressful.

Let me know if you give it a try, and how you felt about it!

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