Oreo Mummy Truffles

I realize that Halloween has come and gone, but I just had to share these because we have been enjoying them all week! Seriously, this comes with a warning that these are delicious.

oreo mummy truffles

We had never made Oreo truffles before, but when I saw the cute way people had turned them into mummies I knew that it would be the right treat for our Halloween celebrations. We followed the recipe on the Harmon’s blog. They are very easy to make, but they do take a lot of time because you have to let them get frozen and cold in between steps.

Also, it is best to use a food processor or blender to crush your Oreos. The cookies need to be finely ground to mix well with the cream cheese.

Oreo Mummy Truffles

We had a lot left over, I think it says that the recipe makes 40. So be sure to have a lot of friends to share them with, or keep them to enjoy for a long time after the holiday.

I think these would make cute snowmen for winter too!

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