Need some inspiration? Watch Tim’s Vermeer!

Every so often a documentary will come along that makes me think “wow”! Tim’s Vermeer is one such documentary. I was amazed at the effort, and may I say, amazing DIY that Tim pulled off in order to discover how Vermeer made his amazing paintings.

If you are not familiar with Vermeer, which you might be without even knowing (Girl with the pearl earring), you should get to know more about this Dutch painter. Watching the documentary will also give you some great background as well. He is known for his amazing “photo realistic” paintings which have baffled some for years. How did he do it? Especially in his time period?

There have been many theories, but we agree with what Tim found during his journey to discover the technique. I won’t give it away, but it is simply amazing (and something we have been trying to play with a bit ourselves ever since)!

What you should know about Tim though is that he isn’t an artist. He is an inventor, and luckily quiet a wealthy one, which helped him on his quest to figure it out. You might know Tim if you are familiar with NewTek.

Overall it’s such an interesting documentary, especially if you love art, tinkering, and getting inspired to try new things. Have you seen it? What did you think?

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