Let’s Neighbor!

The Neighborhood wants to turn the word neighbor into a verb! How are they going to do it? With inspiring posts and ideas from some of the best bloggers around.

This is more than just a blog though. There are fun downloads to help make your neighborhood feel a lot more like home, and loads of tips to help you feel at home.

When I think of a neighborhood, I always remember the one that I grew up in. As kids we always had so much fun playing neighborhood games, and even the adults got in on the fun by hosting holiday parties. There is just something nice about knowing your neighbors and feeling like your neighborhood is more than just a collection of houses.

“Neighboring” can be block partying. It can be potlucking. It can be pick-up basketballing and cup-of-sugar borrowing. It can be lost-dog finding. Front porching. Fourth-of-July fireworking. It’s ice breaking. Play date-ing. Yard sale-ing. Honk-and-waving. Capture the flag-ing. Each others’ back-having.”     – The Neighborhood

I do hope that you will come by and visit The Neighborhood, I think it’s going to be quiet a lovely project, and I am excited to be part of it. Be sure to read my post about how to be help your dog be a great neighbor while you are there (leave a comment there if you liked it).

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