Jacob T. Marley {Book Review}


One of our favorite Christmas tales is A Christmas Carol. We like to read the story and watch the movie during the season each year. Well, have you ever wondered about Scrooge’s partner Marley? Besides of course being the first ghost to visit, did you ever think about him and what his story might be?

Jacob T. Marley In the book Jacob T. Marley, author R. William Bennett explores the story of Jacob. Why did Jacob get to visit Scrooge? What was his life like before we are first introduced to him in A Christmas Carol. You might remember, basically Marley was dead, and other than that, we don’t know much except he was covered in chains.

I was excited to see what this “prequel” might bring. Most of all, why Marley got to return to help Scrooge was a question I needed to find the answer to! The book is a lot of fun to read, it adds a different dimension to the old tale. In fact, we even learn about more about what happens to Scrooge’s life after those 3 ghostly visits.

Jacob Marley was not much better than Scrooge himself when first we meet him in the story. He was just as greedy and unloving, maybe even more so than Scrooge if possible. Indeed they made a perfect partnership in their counting house.

I really enjoyed reading the story, and think it has a nice ending as well. It is likely to join A Christmas Carol in our favorite holiday reading!

*I received a copy of the book in exchange for my review.*

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