How to Throw a Good Fortune New Year’s Eve Party

The arrival of the New Year is a time for celebration with family and friends, and with these New Year’s party ideas, there’s no reason why your party can’t be one that brings good fortune as well! This year, throw a Good Fortune New Year’s Eve Party to set a bright and hopeful tone for the rest of the year.

Bring good luck with fantastic decorations

Use these fun and easy New Year’s Eve party ideas to bring good fortune to your friends and family for the New Year!

Decorate with Paper Lanterns

In most cultures, lanterns are associated with festivals and feasts. Set the mood for your party with plenty of colorful DIY paper lanterns that you can hang by doors and windows or from the ceiling. You can even string them into a garland and hang them from the mantel. For your New Year’s Eve party, here’s a quick and easy DIY paper lantern tutorial you can try.

Use Place Cards as Wish Cards


Put a new twist on making your New Year’s resolution this year! Use small envelopes as place cards for your guests at the dinner table. Inside the envelope, place a piece of paper or card where your guests can write their New Year’s resolution or wish, and ask each of your guests to write their address on the envelope. At the end of the night, collect all of the envelopes with their wishes inside, and keep them safe for up to half a year, at which point you can mail the envelopes to your friends as a reminder of the fantastic night you had, as well as the resolution they’re trying to keep!

Have a Hearty Meal

A great New Year’s Eve party is not complete without delicious food. In a good fortune-themed party, choosing the right food can signify good luck for the rest of the year. Here are some food items perfect for your Good Fortune New Year’s Eve party!


  • Salad for health – Having greens on the table not only allows us to eat healthily, but is also believed to bring in the dough. In some cultures, leafy vegetables are served because their color resembles the color of money.
  • Noodles or pasta for longevity – In Asian countries, long noodles or pasta signifies longevity. Remember, don’t break the noodles when preparing or cooking them because the length of the noddle is what symbolizes long life.
  • Pork for wealth – In some countries in Europe, pork signifies progress and wealth, so having pork dishes on your New Year’s table can bring in some good fortune for the rest of the year.
  • Pomegranates – In Turkey, pomegranates are believed to bring in good luck and good health because of their red color and round seeds. They’d make for a delicious and healthy dessert, so serve them to guests and end your New Year’s Eve dinner with this lucky fruit.

Add Fun to the Mix

What’s a New Year’s Eve party without some fun activities? For a delightful way to greet the New Year at the stroke of midnight, here are some easy party ideas you can do!

Light up Sparklers


Invite your friends outside and light up your party with sparklers at the stroke of midnight! These hand-held, slow-burning fireworks are a great way to make your party glow while you watch fireworks light up the sky. They are also safer than fireworks, allowing your children to enjoy them with adult supervision.

Do the Balloon Drop


After having fun with sparklers, invite your guests back inside where you can do the balloon drop! You can play the song Pennies from Heaven (a great version is from the Elf soundtrack) and utilize perfectly positioned skylights to create a well-executed balloon drop! This is actually something we did for a New Year’s party we hosted a few years ago. Afterwards, you can either ask your guests to pop the balloons to get the pennies or let them bring the balloons home–what a perfect way to wish your friends good fortune for the rest of the year!

Don’t Forget the Party Favors!


For your New Year’s Eve party, give your guests party favors like personalized hand-written fortunes, fortune cookies, and noisemakers. These fun items will surely make your guests feel lucky as they step out of your home!

End the year with an entertaining time and bring in good fortune with these New Year’s Eve party ideas! How about you? Do you have any good fortune ideas?

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