Holiday Preview at Gatehouse 1

There is a gorgeous design shop in my neighborhood called Gatehouse 1. The great things about them is that they often have holiday events where you can see all kinds of decorating ideas, eat tasty local foods, and of course, shop til you drop! This week I went to the Christmas holiday preview, and it was gorgeous!

The front sign was all decorated with festive snowflakes and ornaments. The trees outside were also in on the fun, adorned with red lights.

I loved these holiday urns that were on each side of the door. The fun snowball style lights really caught my attention! If only we had a protected porch to do something fun like this (do you think the candy accents are safe for snow?).

A decked out mantel, complete with more fun candy style accents. The red and white yarn balls would be a fun and easy project to make.

I love the idea of sparkle in front of a mirror. These balls were even more gorgeous in person. Expensive, but gorgeous.

Do you have a high ceiling? This was just amazing! They decorated their chandelier and made it even more dramatic. Reindeer dancing among ornaments and festive snowflakes. Can you imagine this in an entry way?

Are you starting to get in the Christmas mood? We just got 2 inches of snow and the snow is still falling. Even though it feels a bit more like Christmas, and looks like it too, I am not quiet ready yet. Thanksgiving still gets a chance to shine after all! But this event did put me more in the holiday mood!

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