Hello Live conference

helloliveThis past weekend I got to attend Hello Live, which is an online conference you can attend anywhere with WiFi! The conference focused on live video, such as Facebook Live, and how to make use of it to grow your network.

I really liked the online format because if I wasn’t able to watch a video live, I could go back and watch it later. Watching live was the best though since you have the option to ask questions or make comments that the broadcasters can see and answer.

The information was great! I especially liked the keynote from Mario Armstrong. His points were spot on, especially about how important it is to build your community on something you own and supplement it with other things. He learned the hard way after the app he was using got killed off and he lost his HUGE audience. You can learn more about him here.

At one point Facebook was actually down, so I couldn’t view the conference. This was a bit of a bummer, but since there were replays nothing was lost. The other thing that I missed a lot in this format was interacting with other conference goers. To me that is always the best part of the conference. Since we weren’t together in person it would have been nice if the group allowed for discussions.

Over all, especially since it was the first year, it was a great conference. I am excited to see what more they do with it as it grows. While I haven’t really put live video to use much it did make me excited to give it a try and do more videos in the future. It really does seem like live video is creating the most engagement in online communities right now too.

What do you think? Have you done live video? Do you enjoy watching other people’s live feed on Facebook, Periscope, and the like?

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