Halloween fairy garden

Fairy gardens are some of my favorite things to create, so of course I knew I had to make one just for Halloween! Yes, I know, it’s still September, but sometimes Halloween just has to come a little early! Luckily I already had some really cute Halloween fairy garden goodies from Hallmark (bought them about 2 years ago, I’m not sure if they still carry it). The lights, pumpkin, and ghost dog house came from Micheal’s craft. The faux succulent I had on hand (can’t remember where I got it), and the moss came from Sun River Gardens.

The first thing I did was put a piece of foam in the bottom so I could easily stick the fence, sign, succulent, and witch legs into it. Even though the foam was white, I knew it wouldn’t show so I didn’t bother to do anything with it.


After everything was in (except for the lights), the moss and some river rocks get placed in to cover all the foam and to build up behind the fence.


The pumpkin LED lights were on a thin wire. I placed the battery pack behind the ghost dog, which is nice because you don’t really notice it being there. The lights were then shoved in pretty randomly. Seriously, there was not anything special, they just kind of were shoved in there, and then a few were moved around a bit. I think it turned out pretty fun!

pumpkin fairy garden

I also love that the little lights run on a timer. I’m kind of sad that I have to put my new little fairy garden away until October.


  1. Elisa says:

    Ha, I was going to try to wait until October to break out the Halloween stuff but I just couldn’t control myself… my kids and I broke out the window clings and door signage today! We’ll wait on the jack-o-lanterns at least since you can’t really get away with doing those too early.

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