Halloween DIY: Mummy Candles

These mummy candles are easy and fun to make, and will add a bit of whimsy to your Halloween decorating! I made them a few years ago, but we made a few more last year to give as Halloween gifts.

All you need is gauze, eyeballs, Mod Podge, foam brushes, candles, and some glass vases. Glass vases are usually a great bargain at thrift shops and dollar stores.

To get started, I first put the eyes on the vase using double stick tape. I also used a small piece of double stick tape on the back of the vase to hold the gauze in place more easily at the start of the wrapping process. Once the gauze was in it’s spot, I simply covered the vase with Mod Modge, wrapping the gauze down the vase and sticking it to it. The eyeballs got part way covered with gauze, both to help them stay on properly and to create the feeling that they were peeking out.

Do not cover the outside with Mod Podge, your gauze will look stiff and it’s not necessary for keeping it stuck. The gauze also sticks pretty well to itself if you don’t want to permanently change your glass vases (just use double stick tape instead and then you could remove the gauze and eyes after Halloween).

Using LED candles that run on a timer, the finished mummies took center stage on our mantle. The great part about using LED candles on a timer is that you never have to worry about lighting them or blowing them out. They make a pretty realistic glow now as well!

They are a fun and easy project, I can’t wait to make some more this year!


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