Fountain to fairy garden upcycle

I have had this broken fountain for several years. The bowl leaks, so even though we were trying to use it as a bird bath it never worked out well because the water would eventually drain out. So why not turn it into a fairy garden?!

Fountain fairy garden

I used mostly what I already had on hand to create the garden. Succulent clippings from our garden will take root and hopefully fill in the bare spots soon. Aquarium gravel from an old tank became a walk way. The garden arbor and fence had been used in previous fairy gardens. They came in a fairy garden kit I bought at Target a few years ago which they no longer carry.

The little cottage is the best part though, it has a solar battery that lights up the windows. We have had the cottage for several years, but I have seen similar options online. In fact, I’m really in love with the idea of a fairy village after seeing this adorable bakery! I was also excited to see how many other fun fairy garden accessories are out in the world right now.

Building fairy gardens is really fun, it may even be a bit addictive.


  1. Jenn says:

    That is a really cute upcycle! My 6-year-old really wants a fairy garden but there’s just not much room for it… because there’s a fountain in the back corner, which I haven’t bothered to turn on in 4 years. I love this inspiration! My daughter will really enjoy putting a fairy garden together.

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