Follow the sun

This spring I noticed a cute little plant popping up in a container. I knew that I hadn’t planted anything there in the fall, so I assumed that it was maybe the pumpkin coming back (which would have been crazy after a long winter). However, as it started to grow I knew it wasn’t a pumpkin, but I still didn’t quiet know what it was. Luckily, a quick ask of my friends gave me the answer. Do you know what it is just by looking at it?


Yes indeed, it’s a sunflower!

A little bird must have brought it to our garden, since we don’t eat sunflower seeds, and no one in our household planted one. There are actually two stalks, so it should be fun to see how tall they grow, and if they make a lot of seeds.

Next year I am going to plant sunflowers on purpose. I have already added these sunflower seeds to my wishlist.

Have you ever had a fun mystery plant pop up in your yard? Did you leave it to grow like I did?

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