A golden piñata purse and the craziest GoFundMe ever.

It all started when Jill posted a photo of this purse (at the store) on Aleisha’s Facebook page. You see, if you know Aleisha you know that she loves to spread happiness in the form of piñatas, and this purse was of course the PERFECT one for her. Except of course that the purse was $500. Yep. You read that right.

Friends were saying they would pitch in. After all, this was THE purse. I suggested we start a GoFundMe for it. People told me to do it… maybe they didn’t think I would, but why wouldn’t I? I mean, this could be super fun!!

So, in what can only be called the craziest GoFundMe ever, we raised money for the golden piñata purse named Penny. And the money was raised in less than 24 hours. You guys, that is how much people love Aleisha. Penny is now traveling to her porch, and we are all awaiting the reaction from our friend.

It’s like Christmas, when you have the perfect gift for someone, but you have to wait until they get to open it. It feels like it will be forever, and I know that there are so many who can’t wait to see our friend with Penny on her arm.

Oh, and by now I am sure if you don’t know her you might be completely confused about the piñata thing and why so many would want to make sure Aleisha had a $500 piñata purse. Don’t worry, if you read this post about it on her blog it will clear it all up. If you look on Instagram for the #porchpinata tag you will see all the amazing piñatas she has gifted to people.

This has got to be the most fun I have had on social media in years. Watching that total go up, and up, and up, was awesome and so fun. It is a testament to how loved she is, and how a little fun goes a long way too.

And if you happen to want your own piñata purse, that little piñata in the corner will take you to Amazon where you can order your own. I love the little legs.