That’s a SNAP

I was able to attend one of our local blog conferences recently. It’s called SNAP, and creative people from all over gather to share ideas and skills. This wasn’t my first year attending, and although I had fun, it wasn’t my favorite year.

Last time I attended I took tons of hands on classes, and I was looking forward to doing that again. Sadly, there weren’t as many, and the classes offered were almost all ones I had taken before. I did take a few good classes related to blogging, but I will admit to being let down by the amount of classes offered. Of course, this was by design, as the conference on the whole was smaller.

Long before the news was announced at the conference, I had wondered if this one was the last one. Now, it’s not exactly the last, but it was the last one for the founding team. The torch has been passed to two new people, who will hopefully be able to revive the spark Snap used to have, but only time will tell. It’s a shame it couldn’t have gone out with a bang to set it up well for the new owners, but I am looking forward to seeing what they will make of it.

Of course, the best part of any blogging conference is being able to get some time away from daily life, see old and new friends, and talk with people who “get” what it is like to be a blogger. Luckily that part didn’t change, and I had tons of fun at the parties with my friends. There was a “sweets” themed party on the first night which was a lot of fun, with cute crafts and plenty of time to chat and get to know people. The other party was 80s themed, which was fun to dress up for, and I always love being able to get on the dance floor.

There were some great sponsors at the conference too, I was especially excited about Polaroid and Cannon. I’m hopeful that next year is going to be fun, it would be sad if we no longer had a great blog conference in Utah. What about you, do you enjoy going to blog conferences? If you were at SNAP this year did you feel the same way I did?