Don’t get caught without the basics this holiday season!

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The holiday season is here, which means family and friends might be stopping by to visit or stay. Don’t get caught with out the basics (like toilet paper) by stocking up on them at Costco!


We have long been Costco members because we love how easy it is to keep our home running smoothly by keeping things on hand. Buying in bulk, especially for paper goods and other household items not only saves us a lot of money, it saves us a lot of stress too! We know that we won’t run out because we get so much each time we shop! What a great feeling.

Some of our main staples when we go to Costco are P&G Household products including Charmin, Bounty, Swiffer refills, and Tide Pods. These seem to be items we always need on hand, especially during the holiday season! We also stock up on Crest, no one wants bad breath, especially with all the hugging that happens during the holiday season.


Speaking of getting caught, let’s talk a little bit about our linen closets. If you are anything like me, you don’t want to send a guest to your linen closet to get extra toilet paper or toothpaste because it’s a bit messy, right? Luckily, organizing a linen closet is a quick and easy DIY that can have you guest ready in no time! No need to feel embarrassed when your guests go looking for stuff, and your guests won’t even have to ask where to find things because they will be right there!

First things first, clear out the entire closet and start with a blank slate. Decide which items are going back in, and what shelves make the most sense for them to be on. Throw away any old products, linens or towels that are stained or have holes, and anything broken. Keep a running list of what you need to replace.


As you can see, our closet is small and skinny. For us, we keep our towels, extra bath goods, and cleaning supplies in our linen closet. We keep our bed linens in our laundry room, but if you have space to keep them in your closet be sure to include them. Start adding items back in, starting with the larger items:


Bins to keep like items together are helpful, especially for guests (and husbands). For example, we have a bin to keep our bulk soap in and it is clearly marked soap on the outside. This keeps the soap neat and tidy in the bin instead of worrying about the stacks of soap falling over in the closet each time someone grabs for one in a hurry.


We added some bins for extras like toothpaste, and things like bandages and ointments. When using bins and other organizers, put like things with like things. You can’t see them, but in with the toothpaste is extra dental floss, and even a few extra toothbrushes to have one hand. You never know when a guest might forget to pack a toothbrush!


Ta-DA! A lovely linen closet that you will be proud to send your guests to! And it didn’t take much time to get it looking lovely and organized either. That’s important during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Shopping at Costco doesn’t have to take long either. I find that the best time to go in our area is early in the morning, around 10:15am on a weekday. This might be different in your neck of the woods, so try different times of the day to find the best one. Sure, there aren’t many samples out that early in the morning, but it’s worth the empty isles and quick check outs.

What do you stock up on at Costco to help your home be holiday ready? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks!

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