My childhood bedroom

There was a meme going around Facebook recently that jumped out to me. Why? It featured a bedroom, but not just any bedroom! It was my childhood bedroom!! Who else remembers this set? Enough of you out there had it too, otherwise it wouldn’t have become a meme, but this made me laugh because not only did I have the set, but a hilarious story about it as well.

As my parents recount, many times, we were driving home from preschool with my childhood friend. I was super excited because the new bedroom set was on it’s way, and I was most excited by the fact that I was going to have a canopy on my bed! A yellow canopy!

Well, my cute friend Rob didn’t understand that I was saying canopy. He thought I was saying “can of pee” and couldn’t understand why anyone would want that, especially on their bed! And of course it didn’t help that we were talking about it being yellow. He was convinced that he was going to see an actual can of pee in my room.

Luckily all was cleared up when the new room was revealed. Of course I had to dig through the old photos to find a picture of my room. This doesn’t show it in all of it’s glory, but you can see a lot of it. And you can also see my beloved first puppy too.

Tell me, did you also have this bedroom set as a kid? Have you ever misheard something in a terrible, but funny way?