Let’s go on a picnic

The season for picnics has arrived! If you have ever wanted to pack a perfect picnic, here are the items that I would suggest. Food not included. 🙂

This is a fun take on the classic picnic basket, but it’s been upgraded to be insulated! It also comes with plates, silverware, and glasses for four people. And it’s a great deal too!

A sturdy, waterproof picnic blanket is next on the list of what to pack. I love that this blanket folds up neatly for easy transport and storage. The fact that it’s a fun plaid is an added bonus.

Ice packs are super important, especially if you are planning to picnic far from home. You want to be sure to keep your food nice and cool in your picnic basket, and these small flat ice packs are great. We use them for a lot!

Don’t forget something to keep your drinks cold! This insulated bottle will keep your beverage cold for 36 hours! It’s amazing. Of course you can always pack another small cooler with soda bottles if you prefer. I like this bottle for sparkling cider though.

What would a picnic be without a classic lawn game like bocce? This set is extra fun, because it lights up! You can play even as it starts to get dark (in fact, it’s more fun that way). Maybe you even want to bring along a set of lawn checkers too!

Don’t forget your camera! What would an old fashioned picnic be without a fun, old fashioned camera? I adore my Instax, and it’s so fun to get instant photos to look at and share with your picnic guests. Don’t forget to pack extra film!

Enjoy your picnic!