Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

I have always loved solar lights, especially in the garden. They are easy to install, and add light to areas that would be hard to run electricity. Unfortunately they have always had a dim light, but we just got to try a solar powered outdoor light from Deelat and it is so nice and bright!!

When we were approached to try one of the solar lights from Deelat, it was hard to choose. However, we have a door to our garden that has needed a light, but didn’t have an easy power source. So of course the solar wall light was the perfect choice. That is until it arrived, and I realized that this area actually doesn’t get a lot of sunlight thanks to our tress. Oh no!

So, while we search for the perfect spot, we have been enjoying the solar light in a non-traditional area. It’s getting a lot of sun, so we have been able to see it in action! It’s amazingly bright! I love that it turns on at dark all on it’s own too. Also neat is that it has a motion sensor, and when someone walks past it actually gets brighter. The light charge lasts a long time, and the light turns itself off in the daylight.

This light is very well made too, it’s actually pretty heavy. This isn’t a cheaply made plastic light at all, this is a solid, well made item. Well worth every penny as it is built to last. The light also came with everything needed to mount it to the wall (or other vertical surface).

Since it’s made for outside, it has a nice waterproof rating too. And can we also talk about the style? I love the classic European style of this light.

I hope to find a place to put it permanently soon, but I wanted to share this with you right way since this is the time to be in the garden most, and these lights would be amazing along a fence or in a pergola (wish we had both of those things).

To find out more, see more photos, and order for yourself, check out this page. While you are there be sure to have a look at all the solar powered products the company offers.