First snow of the season!

It finally feels like November. What an odd fall we have had. Yesterday we had a hard frost, all of our leaves fell from our black walnut tree. They fell despite being green still, and now the tree is bare. I’ve learned that this is normal for walnut trees when there is a frost.

I saw that we had snow in the forecast for today, so I set up our time lapse camera just for fun to capture it. If you look closely you will see a few birds too, small and large.

Hot chocolate season has arrived! What it is like in your part of the world?

Luffa update

It was a long shot from the start. Luffas require a long growing period that we just don’t have. However, I just had to give them a try anyway because sometimes we have warm weather longer than what is normal. This year however, is not one of those years. In fact, it’s been colder than normal at night recently.

Luffa plant

Even though it hasn’t been freezing, you can see that the cold weather has taken a toll on the plant. We have one lone luffa that I hope will survive and get large enough to become a “sponge”. You can eat the young luffas, but I am really hoping for a sponge.

At least we tried!

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Easy grapvine wreath

Our neighbors on both sides grow grapes on the fence. This often means that we have vines coming very far over into our yard, which we usually just let grow. Sometimes though, we have to trim them. This year I decided to try making a wreath from the cuttings.


Starting with a nice pile of vines, I simply removed all the leaves and some of the tendrils. Some tendrils I left on because they add a bit of character to the wreath. Once the leaves were all removed, I picked one vine to start with and created a circle from it, twisting the two ends around each other. Vines were then added in, one at a time, wrapping around each other as they go. I would start vines at different points in the circle, tucking one end into already wrapped vines, so the thickness of the wreath was more consistent.


Now the wreath is drying. I’m not sure how long that process will take since this is the first time I have tried making one. Once it is dry and feels stronger I will add some fun fall or Halloween decorations to it.


It’s such a fun and easy project to do, I really don’t know why I never did it before! And it’s a great way to use grapevines that you have to trim. Next time around I am going to try some different shapes, just for fun!

The island


This is one of many trouble spots in our yard. Do you have one? This island always looks like the “before” photo, no matter how often I pull, or even spray, the weeds. They always, always, come back.

It’s mostly grass, and even the all powerful Round Up doesn’t keep it away.

The island is looking great right now, any bets on how long it lasts this time around?

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This entry was posted in garden.
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