Should you repair or replace that appliance?

Sometimes things break, and when they do there is always the question of replacing it, or repairing it. Most of the time it’s cheaper to repair an appliance than to replace it. However, there does come a time when it’s time to replace things.

Luckily, we were sent this handy infographic to help you figure out if it’s better to repair it, or if it might be time to replace it.


Infographic thanks to Fixed. by Assurant.

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Materially Crafted

I always love a fun new book, especially one like Materially Crafted: A DIY Primer for the Design-Obsessed! Packed full of fun crafts to try, this book is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

I love that there are so many different project ideas, using various materials. Author Victoria Hudgins, creator of the popular design blog A Subtle Revelry, shows us ways to use loads of different crafting materials—from spray paint and concrete to thread, wax, and paper! The book has more than 30 easy projects, and is sure to have something fun for everyone.

The instructions are clear, and the book has a lot of photos (a must in my opinion). I am so excited to try the projects inside. With spring just around the corner, the concrete planters are high on my to try list. And of course, the fun cake ideas are great to try any time of the year.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book for my review. This post also includes an affiliate link.

Quick and easy New Year’s Eve treat cone

Looking for something fun to give your guests on New Year’s Eve, but don’t want to spend too much time or effort? This quick and easy cone is for you!

New year cone

Fill it with favorite candy, some sparklers and poppers, and you are set to ring in the new year at midnight. The size of the paper will determine how much you can fit in, I used a small origami paper, so I couldn’t fit in much, but a larger paper could hold tons of fun!

I simply rolled it to a cone shape, and taped the edge with glitter tape. I also used a metallic pen to write 2015 on the paper. It’s a really easy, but fun, way to surprise your guests! I mean, who wouldn’t love their own cone of candy and fireworks to welcome the new year?!

How to flock a Christmas tree

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