The reveal, thank you IKEA!

It might not seem like much, but this was a much needed office spruce up. You might remember the before and the story behind it. Here is the before photo:


And here is the after:


Small changes, but such a big difference! The entire wall is now glorious storage! In fact, did you notice the best part? Empty space!!! Oh what a luxury that is.

IKEA Draper was kind enough to provide the bookshelves, and the adorable green storage bins, for my project.

This is the first time I have put together any IKEA furniture. I have to admit, I was a little scared at first because I have heard that it can be hard. It totally wasn’t! They were the easiest bookshelves I have ever put together (and I have put together quiet a few from other brands). The instructions were easy to follow, and all the hardware comes with it. Would I use IKEA furniture again for a project? You bet!

I’m so thrilled to have things in my office not only looking nice, but also functioning well. It’s such an amazing feeling to have a place to put everything (with space left over even)! And the green bins have fast become my favorite for their ability to store loose items. They really hide the mess.

Thank you IKEA!

Side note: It can be funny the things you discover when you work on a space that is going to be blogged about. Something I learned was that my office is hard to photograph, it’s narrow and surprisingly very dark, even in the lightest parts of the day.

The mess of making things better.

Anyone who has ever redone a space, even if it’s a small redo, knows that mess is bound to happen. Not just happen, but linger. Right now I am finishing up my small office redo, but I wanted to show you a few of the steps. It’s nothing hard, just removing stuff, but that stuff has to go someplace!


First things first, the shelves get emptied. Where did all that stuff end up? In our dining room.


And then finally, the wall is empty.


Things learned along the way? There isn’t much space in this office. It’s longer than it is wide. Also, there isn’t much light in the office, making it darn near impossible to get a decent photo (even with Photoshop helping along the way).

Things are coming along though, and the reveal will be revealed soon! However I have to be honest, I will be very glad when everything is back in it’s own spot. Mess makes me grumpy.

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The sad state of my office.

Today I am sharing one side of my office, the wall used to be the spot where our bird lived, with her cage, her ladders and toys, and of course, her happy little self. When she passed away suddenly in June, my heart broke. Removing her things was hard, but had to be done, and of course I needed to fill the space with something so it wouldn’t just sit empty. Here’s the result.


I grabbed a few things from other spots in the house and basically plopped them against the wall and haven’t touched it since. You see, coming up with a plan for that space wasn’t something I was supposed to think about yet (at least for ten years or more). And in all honesty it was a space that I still hadn’t given much thought to until I went to a fun blogger breakfast at IKEA.

Seeing some amazing office and craft spaces at was just what my mind needed to get past the sad part and start seeing possibilities for my office again. I have a plan, and am just working towards making it a reality (thanks to IKEA Draper).

I wanted to share the photo now, because maybe you feel blogger houses are always magazine ready. They aren’t. We are just really good at taking photos that look like they are. :)

Easy grapvine wreath

Our neighbors on both sides grow grapes on the fence. This often means that we have vines coming very far over into our yard, which we usually just let grow. Sometimes though, we have to trim them. This year I decided to try making a wreath from the cuttings.


Starting with a nice pile of vines, I simply removed all the leaves and some of the tendrils. Some tendrils I left on because they add a bit of character to the wreath. Once the leaves were all removed, I picked one vine to start with and created a circle from it, twisting the two ends around each other. Vines were then added in, one at a time, wrapping around each other as they go. I would start vines at different points in the circle, tucking one end into already wrapped vines, so the thickness of the wreath was more consistent.


Now the wreath is drying. I’m not sure how long that process will take since this is the first time I have tried making one. Once it is dry and feels stronger I will add some fun fall or Halloween decorations to it.


It’s such a fun and easy project to do, I really don’t know why I never did it before! And it’s a great way to use grapevines that you have to trim. Next time around I am going to try some different shapes, just for fun!

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