Beautiful Design Made Simple


Family-friendly and beautiful design can survive in the same space. Carpet One Floor & Home shares ideas for your home that are perfect for kids, pets and the whole family. The latest issue of their free digital home décor magazine features articles such as:

Family Room Fundamentals

A family room is a space in your home where everyone in the household can gather to relax and spend some quality family time together. Creating a beautiful family room that is also welcoming and comfortable can often be a challenge. Find out what the 8 family room fundamentals are in this beautiful family room by designer Catherine-Lucie Horber.

Sani ‘N Mani Saving Tips to Deal with Our Pet Peeves

Julie Edelman, The Accidental Housewife is all about pets for this issue. Inspired by her beagle (named Bagels), Julie shares tips, tricks and sanity-saving ideas for keeping your home beautiful when there are pets running around. Get rid of the messes, odors, and shedding so you can have a child and buy a doggie too!!

Open Up: The Multi-Functional Kitchen

Kitchens aren’t just for cooking. Open concept layouts found in more and more homes are opening the kitchen up to the whole family. From a quick breakfast on the way out the door to family game night, a kitchen plays so many roles in your daily life. When you are designing, updating or redecorating a kitchen, you want to think of all the ways that the space will be used. Get inspired by beautiful kitchens like this one from Designer Kris Brigden.

Find more about these topics more by downloading the spring issue of Carpet One Floor & Home’s free digital home magazine – Beautiful Design Made Simple on your Apple or Android device.

March Madness for Mansions!

Are you into March Madness in your house? What about a bracket for mansions? Zillow has created Mansion Madness where you can vote on your favorite mansion. Let me just say, some of them are quiet dreamy.

zillow mansion madness image

Round 1: Voting closes today at 9pm PST on Sunday, March 29th. Top-voted mansions in each region advance to the next round.
Round 2: Voting reopens at noon on Monday, March 30th and closes at 9pm on Wednesday, April 1st. Each region will have one mansion advancing to the next round.
Round 3: Voting reopens at noon on Thursday, April 2nd and closes at 9pm on Sunday, April 5th. Only two mansions will be advancing to the final round.
Championship: Voting reopens at 9am on Monday, April 6th and closes at 9pm the same day.
Results: The most desirable mansion will be announced at 9am on April 7th.

How will your taste in home design align with the rest of the country? After you make your pick in each region you will get to see if it’s in the lead. So far, my picks are winning. What about yours?

*Disclosure: I am sharing this just for fun, and was not compensated.*

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How to bring the outdoors in.

I love bringing a bit of the outdoors into our home, and this fun infographic is full of helpful hints on how to do just that.

Shutter Co-Outdoor_IG

Infographic provided by Shutterco.

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The sad state of my office.

Today I am sharing one side of my office, the wall used to be the spot where our bird lived, with her cage, her ladders and toys, and of course, her happy little self. When she passed away suddenly in June, my heart broke. Removing her things was hard, but had to be done, and of course I needed to fill the space with something so it wouldn’t just sit empty. Here’s the result.


I grabbed a few things from other spots in the house and basically plopped them against the wall and haven’t touched it since. You see, coming up with a plan for that space wasn’t something I was supposed to think about yet (at least for ten years or more). And in all honesty it was a space that I still hadn’t given much thought to until I went to a fun blogger breakfast at IKEA.

Seeing some amazing office and craft spaces at was just what my mind needed to get past the sad part and start seeing possibilities for my office again. I have a plan, and am just working towards making it a reality (thanks to IKEA Draper).

I wanted to share the photo now, because maybe you feel blogger houses are always magazine ready. They aren’t. We are just really good at taking photos that look like they are. :)

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