The sad state of my office.

Today I am sharing one side of my office, the wall used to be the spot where our bird lived, with her cage, her ladders and toys, and of course, her happy little self. When she passed away suddenly in June, my heart broke. Removing her things was hard, but had to be done, and of course I needed to fill the space with something so it wouldn’t just sit empty. Here’s the result.


I grabbed a few things from other spots in the house and basically plopped them against the wall and haven’t touched it since. You see, coming up with a plan for that space wasn’t something I was supposed to think about yet (at least for ten years or more). And in all honesty it was a space that I still hadn’t given much thought to until I went to a fun blogger breakfast at IKEA.

Seeing some amazing office and craft spaces at was just what my mind needed to get past the sad part and start seeing possibilities for my office again. I have a plan, and am just working towards making it a reality (thanks to IKEA Draper).

I wanted to share the photo now, because maybe you feel blogger houses are always magazine ready. They aren’t. We are just really good at taking photos that look like they are. :)

fashionABLE + ALT: vote, share, win!

Have you heard of fashionABLE yet? They create beautiful scarves, and more, made by women in Ethiopia. The mission of fashionABLE is to not just provide something lovely for people to purchase, but also to help women in Africa become self sufficient. It’s a win win!


They recently partnered with my favorite blog conference, ALT, to send out a call for designs, and now you get a chance to VOTE for the one you love most! The top three were chosen from 100 designs, that were then narrowed down to 10, ending with the final three. There were a lot of factors involved, including practicality of the design on a loom, cost, seasonal relevance, etc. And of course, design!

Which one is your favorite? Go vote here.

Breakfast at IKEA

Thanks to the awesome folks at our local IKEA, and the amazing gal behind SNAP, we had a blogger breakfast recently where we got a sneak peek at the newest catalog rooms! And yes, we even got to eat breakfast (yum), and go shopping (more about that in a future post).

Here are some of my favorites.


The closets! Oh the closets at IKEA were amazing and had my mind going a million miles an hour wondering if we could use the systems to create something in our master bedroom. Heaven knows we need it! The photo above looked the closest to what our closet might be like. It’s one of many items on the wishful to do list.


I would absolutely love this system for one of my office walls. When our sweet bird passed away I gained an entire wall of my office space, and aside from the fact that I really didn’t want to change my office, I also didn’t know how best to organize it now. THIS on the other hand would be perfect.


I don’t know about you, but our pantry is always a messy zone. Sadly, ours is not a walk in like this one, but I loved the organization options that are shown here.

The new catalog should be in your mailbox already (mine came yesterday). I really love a lot of the spaces shown in the catalog too. It’s better in person though, so get yourself to an IKEA and have a peek!

They were generous and let us have a small shopping spree too. I got a few fun things for my office that I am looking forward to showing you soon. Thanks IKEA and SNAP!

OPI and Clark+Kensington

Your favorite nail polish has inspired an exclusive paint palette!

The OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington will launch with three collections comprised of six iconic OPI shades each, for a total of 18 new paint colors. Each of the OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington collections will also offer five coordinating Clark+Kensington colors, providing additional inspiration for homeowners.

Romantic Palette

The Artist – For the Original, Inspired, Spirited & Charming
Featuring OPI’s Keeping Suzi at Bay, Miami Beet, Don’t Touch My Tutu!, Gargantuan Green Grape, Samoan Sand and I Eat Mainely Lobster
Clark+Kensington pairings include So Sophisticated N-C17, Boutique Chic 06D-1, Let’s Have a Party 32B-5, Designer White 1066 and Star Anise N-W32
The Wild Heart – For the Fresh, Daring, Dynamic & Chic
Featuring OPI’s Can’t Find My Czechbook, Black Onyx, My Pointe Exactly, Do You Lilac It?, Suzi Says Feng Shui, and Vant to Bite My Neck?
Clark+Kensington pairings include Lavender Bliss 41B-2, Cymbidium Orchid 23C-5, Late Night Serenade N-C21, Silent White CW-C1 and Fashion Fix 01C-6
The Romantic – For the Sophisticated, Confident, Iconic & Glam
Featuring OPI’s OPI Red, Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!, My Very First Knockwurst, Chick Flick Cherry, My Vampire is Buff and Over the Taupe.
Clark+Kensington pairings include Garden Stone N-C10, Swaying Palm Trees 25B-7, Natural White CW-W1, Crazy in Love 06C-1 and Wisdom of the Ages 25B-5

The photo above is part of The Romantic collection. I think it is a stunning room!

The alliance between Ace Hardware and OPI is the first-ever collaboration of its kind and combines Ace’s expertise in paint with OPI’s expertise in color to create the OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington. The new color palette will launch this month in over 3,200 Ace Hardware stores nationwide and offer consumers the opportunity to bring their favorite nail lacquer colors to life within their home décor.

Disclosure: I wasn’t compensated in anyway to talk about this, I just thought it was fun and wanted to share.

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