bObsweep saves the day!

As we get closer to the holiday season, I thought it might be fun to share with you some of my favorite things. These are things we own and love, that I think would make amazing gifts!

robot vacuum,

I have wanted a robot vacuum since they first came on the market. The idea of being able to get a clean carpet without having to do anything was so appealing. I vacuum regularly, but with Bob I can get my carpets even cleaner without the extra effort! Since Bob does all the dirty work on his own, our carpets get vacuumed more often.

The version we own is made especially for homes with pets, and we were thrilled to learn that it picks up hedgehog quills like a dream! I also love that it he a UV light, so it’s not just getting up the dirt and pet hair (or quills), but he’s actually sanitizing as it goes.


Everything that is included:

The charging station
a mop attachment
two microfiber moping cloths
two side brushes
a spare main brush
small screw driver

You may be wondering why there is a small screw driver included, this is because you have a tiny little assembly to perform when the unit arrives. You are adding a side sweeper, and it’s so simple to do! Once that is done, you are ready to charge him up, and get him vacuuming.

As I mentioned the bObsweep PetHair is more than a vaccum! Bob also mops with the microfiber moping clothes. We use him as a vacuum only though, because our kitchen cabinets are just slighting too short and he gets stuck under them.

The bObsweep PetHair can also be programed to run how you want, in addition to his normal routine. You can do a thirty minute quick clean, or a fifteen minute touch up. There is also a deep spot clean setting. You can also have Bob do cleanings on a set weekly schedule that you create.

Bob has sensors that allow him to sense edges, detect drops (like stairs), and to help him locate objects in his path. He also goes home to his charging station when the battery level gets too low! He is one smart little robot! He seemed to do well on our different piles of carpet, and of course the mopping feature is great for hard floors!

Bob’s dustbin is easy to empty, and has filters to help keep dust contained. Very helpful for if you have allergies like I do!

The only issue we have encountered is with the docking station. It’s very lightweight, causing it to be pushed around instead of Bob docking. We solved this by making sure the docking station was against a wall, so it wouldn’t move when Bob tried to dock.

Overall I have been so thrilled with our robot vacuum. I even posted a photo on Facebook not that long ago saying how satisfying it was to watch it vacuum the house. Seriously, it is so fun to watch. This would make an amazing gift for yourself, or anyone else on your gift list. You can find bObsweep on Amazon, there are several versions so you can pick the best fit for your household.

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