Beautiful oil painting reproductions for your home

I was given a painting in exchange for my review. As always my opinions are my own.

Art has always been a big part of our lives. My husband and I even met each other while studying art in college! When we moved into our home, like most people, artwork wasn’t high on the list. Things like furniture and appliances took precedent, which meant our walls were somewhat sad. That is why I was so excited to learn about 1st Art Gallery.

1st Art Gallery gives you the chance to own beautiful oil painting reproductions of your favorite works of art. Of course I chose one of the lily pad paintings from the series by Monet. He has always been my favorite impressionist because of his love for nature. This is the area where the painting was to be hung, and as you can see, the print isn’t exactly the right size, even though it’s a lovely painting.


When the painting arrived I was thrilled with the vibrant colors and how the paint stood out from the canvas. This is a real oil painting friends, not just a print, and it makes quiet a difference on the wall.


I also really loved the frame that was chosen, the gold inlay matches the gold accents we have in this room so well. The detailing on the frame is also a nice touch. And of course, it looks amazing in the space! The size is wonderful for the height of the wall. The website gives you a lot of options for sizing, from small to very large.


Doesn’t it fill the space well? I am so happy with it. Like I mentioned, 1st Art Gallery creates oil painting reproductions, and there are so many choices on their site too! They create the painting after you order, so it does take some time, but it is worth the wait. You can see how the process works in the video on their website.

What do you think of the result? Doesn’t it look great in the space?

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