Support BARRI handbags and OUR

Have you heard of Operation Underground Railroad? They are an amazing nonprofit that rescues children from sex trafficking. They do amazing work, and BARRI handbags donates 10% of each sale to this worthy cause. What are BARRI handbags? They are a luxury vegan handbag company, with some truly gorgeous designs. We love that they support OUR, but we also love that they are vegan (you know we love our animals).

BARRI handbags

Right now they are on Kickstarter trying to reach their fundraising goal. You can pre-order your bag at a 15% discount if you support the campaign. The campaign ends on June 1st, so please check it out today. You can even donate without buying a bag if your budget is tight.

BARRI vegan luxury handbags

Thanks for reading, I am not being paid to share this, I just wanted to support their cause because it is so very important. You can learn more about BARRI Handbags on their website, and of course, Operation Underground Railroad on theirs as well.

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