Martha Stewart’s Holiday Crafts

Friends, this book is the ultimate guide to making holidays special. The book covers all the big holidays, starting with the New Year, and of course following the calendar to Christmas. Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Crafts: 225 Inspired Projects for Year-Round Celebrations is packed full of ideas that are fun and easy to make.

I really love that she included fun things to do for all of the holidays, even Thanksgiving, a holiday that often gets overlooked if you ask me. I wanted to try making the pom pom turkeys. Obviously they didn’t turn out quiet like the ones in the book, but they were fun to try and it was our first time using a pom pom maker.

I know there are ways to make your own pom pom maker, but I actually bought this one instead. There are some adorable snowmen in the book to make for winter/Christmas too that are made out of pom poms.

The book has full color photos for all of the projects (so important), along with really good instructions for each of the steps. I’m really excited to try something fun from the book on each of the holidays.

I’ve noticed on Amazon that you can get the book new of less than $5 (with some shipping) right now, which is a great deal (this is a thick hard bound book)! If you are looking for a bit of holiday inspiration, this is the book to have in your library!

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