Welcome August, it’s nice to see you.

It’s hard to believe it’s August already.


Summer flowers are in full bloom right now in the garden.

Some of the mornings have been crisp recently, and the nights are starting to come sooner and are cooling off faster too. Fall is certainly right around the corner. Time to soak in what is left of summer.

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Deals at Jane

I was introduced to the deal site Jane during a fun blogger luncheon. They were the sponsor, and were teaching about how their site works to help small business. They are also a local to Utah company. The neat thing is they offer amazing deals:

Up to 80% off Women’s Clothing, Baby and Kids, Home Decor and other handmade items from Jane.com! Shop today!

Think back to school clothes, early holiday shopping, house spruce ups, and more! The deals change often so there is always something fun (it’s quiet the addictive site actually). They have some very cute geometric window panels for $24.99 but the deal ends today. You have to act quickly sometimes to find the best stuff!

Daily Boutique Deals

Have a look around and let me know what you think! I love that they are not just local, but are helping support other small businesses too.

Afternoon tea

English tea traditional cucmber sandwhichIt’s a funny thing, our family is a bit obsessed with tea time. I think it must come from our ancestors, most of which hale from areas where an afternoon tea is taken. Of course, since we live in the states and not in England, we have to replicate our own afternoon tea. These are the traditional sandwiches served at tea.

Open face:

  • Whipped cream cheese with thinly sliced cucumber
  • Chicken salad

Sandwhich style:

  • Whipped cream cheese with thinly sliced cucumber and shredded salmon
  • White cheese with chutney spread (mango chutney is the traditional style)

Have you ever attended an English tea? We have always done our own at home, but I hear that The Grand America in Salt Lake City does an amazing afternoon tea if you are looking to attend one.

Introducing Party Box from Modify Ink

PartyBox, Where Parties are a Piece of Cake

We are all so busy, but that doesn’t mean we want our parties to look thrown together at the last minute! Luckily there is PartyBox, Where Parties are a Piece of Cake. Now your party can look like you spent tons of time, without you actually having to spend tons of time.

I haven’t seen one in person, but they sure sound fun! Learn more here.

What I like most about the idea is that it can really take the pressure off the planning so there is more time to just enjoy the company! :)

*Not sponsored, just sharing. Does include an affiliate link.*

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