Another year is coming to an end.

Oh, 2016, you were a strange one. There were some sad things, but a lot of wonderful things happened, and as always I like to focus on the good parts. We were able to squeeze a lot of joy into the year despite the fact that I was very, very sick (I had a tumor I didn’t know about, which luckily turned out to be precancer and not cancer)! It was an interesting way to end the year, but I am so grateful to be on the mend for 2017.

Everyday is spent snuggling with our little hedgehog Yuki. She gets in some seriously cute snuggle positions!

Other highlights were going to SNAP conference. It’s always great to hang out with fellow bloggers and try fun new things. Hiking to the dripping rock was also great, such a fun place that we didn’t even know about before. Salt Lake Comic Con is always a hit, and I especially loved the Edward Scissor Hands cosplay. So creative.

Cavalia was amazing. I still think about the aerial performers and how strong they must be. And of course the horses!! Being able to meet the horses after was also a great highlight, as was the amazing dinner and snacks they gave us for being VIP. Blogging is not without it’s perks!

And of course, the Best Friends National Conference. Just to be around all the amazing people working so hard to save pets was inspiring. It was truly amazing. The food, which was all vegan, was really great as well. To be honest, I haven’t tried a lot of vegan food, so I was excited to try everything. It did not disappoint!

Hopefully your year has been full of highlights. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2017!

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