An old dog run turned patio

When we first moved into our house the back corner of our yard had a dog run on it. The previous owners had left the dog run, but came back around to see if we might want to let them have it. We were happy to let them take it since we didn’t have a use for it and didn’t know what we would use it for or how to get rid of it.

Once it was gone my goal was to create an outdoor “living room” of sorts in area that used to have the dog run. The problem was, it was just dirt. We had a fire pit and some chairs though, so it worked well enough until we could make something better. Here is the before:

backyard corner

Luckily we were able to get a cement pad poured, and then the real fun started. One of the problems in the corner was the lack of privacy. I found this great bamboo fencing that fit just right around the chain link that was already there. It created such a nice private feeling! We also upgraded our patio furniture, but the center is still the fire pit!

patio area

It’s been a few years now since we turned the area into a new spot. We have enjoyed it too, but I am now dreaming of a shed in that spot instead. The corner looks great, but it’s far away from the back door, and still not as private as we had hoped for. And a shed would be amazing for garden storage.

We are still happy with how it turned out though! Much better than an old dog run.


  1. cinnamongirl says:

    Before we moved, we had a gazebo/ pavilion with screen curtains ( at my parents house) that we set a patio table and chairs in with lights hung on the bars inside. We used it for most of our meals and activities when the weather was warm enough. One side had a canvas screen you could roll down to block the sun. It was worth every penny!!

  2. Aimee says:

    We have a gazebo structure that we can put up. I got it on sale at the end of the season last year. I am so excited to get our backyard all nice and usable for the summer again!

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