A more natural home

I try really hard to use natural remedies in our household. There are several reasons for this, one being that chemicals are icky and cause me all sorts of problems, another is that it smells better to use the natural alternative, and last but not least, our bird. Did you know that birds have very sensitive respiratory systems?

This time of year always brings a lot of bugs into the house. So, I was really excited to see this “recipe” for dealing with spiders. Every now and then we will find a spider in the house. Generally I scoop them up and put them outside, but I’d rather they stayed out. I can’t wait to try this DIY spray, from Nature’s Knockout. I’m also totally cleaning up our “piles” where bugs could hide!

Speaking of Nature’s Knockout, I am also very excited to try this facial! I recently met Laurie, who you will see in the video, and she is just as fun and lovely in person! Doesn’t this facial make you hungry for chocolate?

One more thing that I have been trying this summer is to mulch mow instead of bagging. I’m testing the theory that healthy grass doesn’t get as many weeds. I’m also leaving it longer to conserve water. So far, our grass is looking green and lush this year! I think it’s working!

Do you like to use natural remedies? What are some of your favorites?


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