A Field Guide to Happiness

A Field Guide to Happiness Reading about how other people live is always fascinating to me, and in the book A Field Guide to Happiness: What I Learned in Bhutan about Living, Loving, and Waking Up author Linda Leaming gives us a peek at life in Bhutan.

The Himalayan nation of Bhutan is often called called the happiest place on Earth. However, in Linda’s stories we find that while the people may be happy, life is certainly not always easy. However, it is exactly these challenges that teach her lessons on how to be happier.

Through the book we learn lessons about how to slow down, how to appreciate more, and other keys to a happier life. The book is easy to read, as Linda shares her experiences with a voice that is conversational, much like if you were sitting and talking directly instead of reading a book.

The book also gives interesting glimpses on what life is like in the nation of Bhutan. I was keen to learn more about how they live, and Linda certainly gives insights about that. She even talks about how hard it was for her to adjust to mountain living, and how her body had to adapt to be able to make the trek to the school where she would be teaching. There are certainly challenges that we don’t have here in the US, such as vicious monkeys (that was quiet the story).

Another part that makes the stories interesting is that the author and her husband live some of the time in the US. She shares what it is like to change between the two different cultures and how they adapt to both places, since her husband is from Bhutan there are fun observations about our culture as well.

Overall I really enjoyed the book and how Linda shared her experiences to teach different happiness principles. It was a fun read too.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book for my review.

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