2017 Furniture Trends

The Scandi trend dominated interior design in 2016 and its popularity has shown no signs of abating during the first six months of this year, either. Its elegant simplicity is complemented nicely by the more colourful tones of other interior trends that have emerged throughout 2017, with differing greens and blues especially prominent on furniture and upholstery.

EZ Living Interiors created this infographic guide to the most noteworthy furniture trends of 2017 thus far. A common theme from a few of these trends is that color schemes tend to be more subtle and accented, rather than overbearing and in-your-face. If anything, the ‘less is more’ approach makes colors even more striking and pleasing on the eye, all the more so with luxurious shades such as emerald green and velvety blue.

In the bedroom, upholstered bed frames are very much in fashion, with this statement-making feature often catching the eye as soon as you look around the room. A muted, accented design helps to keep it refined. Another stunning way to show off your color choices is through mirrored furniture, which wonderfully reflects the design of a room.

You can check out this fun infographic below to see which trends are at the forefront of people’s minds when buying furniture in 2017!

2017 furniture trends


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