Support BARRI handbags and OUR

Have you heard of Operation Underground Railroad? They are an amazing nonprofit that rescues children from sex trafficking. They do amazing work, and BARRI handbags donates 10% of each sale to this worthy cause. What are BARRI handbags? They are a luxury vegan handbag company, with some truly gorgeous designs. We love that they support OUR, but we also love that they are vegan (you know we love our animals).

BARRI handbags

Right now they are on Kickstarter trying to reach their fundraising goal. You can pre-order your bag at a 15% discount if you support the campaign. The campaign ends on June 1st, so please check it out today. You can even donate without buying a bag if your budget is tight.

BARRI vegan luxury handbags

Thanks for reading, I am not being paid to share this, I just wanted to support their cause because it is so very important. You can learn more about BARRI Handbags on their website, and of course, Operation Underground Railroad on theirs as well.

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Gardening for Beginners-Infographic

If you are lucky enough to have the space for a garden then you should consider yourself lucky. So many people wish for some extra space to plant some flowers or vegetables but are constrained by their lack of space and living conditions.

That being said, the bigger the space you have to work with, the more daunting getting started can actually be. You might have always wished for a large open space to work with but when you are actually faced with it, you might find that it requires a lot more input and planning than you thought, never mind the maintenance aspect!

However small or large the space you have to work with is, there is room for a beginner. It’s all about making the most of what you have and crucially as a beginner, not taking on more than you can manage or sustain in the long term. Of course things like budget will come into play too as plants and the associated equipment is not cheap, so take it step by step and prioritize what you want in the garden. For example, is it for aesthetic purposes or do you wish to begin growing some of your own produce?

This infographic from Capital Garden Services highlights why gardening is a good option as a hobby; it indicates the basic tools you need in order to get started in the garden; it details the gardening terms that you should know about; it covers ideas about garden layout, planting bulbs and dealing with weeds and so much more, check it out below!

Gardening for beginners infographic

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Currently in the garden: pansies

blue pansies

Things are in full bloom in the garden right now. Peonies are about to explode, the bearded iris are almost done with their blooms, and we have roses like crazy. I’m talking about these pansies today though because they are my miracle pansies!

In our climate we plant pansies for two seasons (fall/spring, or spring/summer, or even summer/fall). These little guys were planted LAST SPRING! That’s right. They lived past the so called two seasons, went right through the winter, and started blooming again like crazy this spring.

Maybe we have the pansy thing all wrong after all? All I did was let them live, no pulling them out at any time after planting them. Sure they got a bit ragged looking at one point, but look at the reward!

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Beehive Bazaar spring 2016

It’s that time of the year, Beehive Bazaar! I love going to see all the local artisans and what they have to offer. This year there are two weekends, so be sure to visit this week if you have a chance. As always, there will be some different vendors during each weekend, so be sure to check the site.


These light bulbs caught my eye. I thought they were so cool to look at. I didn’t buy one, but I sure wanted to!


This darling Yoda merman was drawn by the daughter of a friend. There were a few other Star Wars offerings (all as mer-people), but the Yoda won my heart and my money!


Amazing raw local honey from Queen Farina. I’m excited to try this deliciousness, as the people at the check out were telling me how yummy it is. I’ve also heard good things about raw honey helping with allergies, the key being eating honey from your local area of course.


Lots of cute felt animals here. I loved that they were made from Utah wool.


And of course, my favorite fairy garden goodies! I had to buy a few more stepping stones, but I wanted to buy a lot more than that too! I’m looking forward to getting my fairy garden put back together again with my new colorful stepping stones in the mix.

If you are a Utah local be sure to check out the bazaar this weekend. It’s at the Startup Building, which is oh so conveniently located across from the Front Runner station.

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