My childhood bedroom

There was a meme going around Facebook recently that jumped out to me. Why? It featured a bedroom, but not just any bedroom! It was my childhood bedroom!! Who else remembers this set? Enough of you out there had it too, otherwise it wouldn’t have become a meme, but this made me laugh because not only did I have the set, but a hilarious story about it as well.

As my parents recount, many times, we were driving home from preschool with my childhood friend. I was super excited because the new bedroom set was on it’s way, and I was most excited by the fact that I was going to have a canopy on my bed! A yellow canopy!

Well, my cute friend Rob didn’t understand that I was saying canopy. He thought I was saying “can of pee” and couldn’t understand why anyone would want that, especially on their bed! And of course it didn’t help that we were talking about it being yellow. He was convinced that he was going to see an actual can of pee in my room.

Luckily all was cleared up when the new room was revealed. Of course I had to dig through the old photos to find a picture of my room. This doesn’t show it in all of it’s glory, but you can see a lot of it. And you can also see my beloved first puppy too.

Tell me, did you also have this bedroom set as a kid? Have you ever misheard something in a terrible, but funny way?

A few of our favorites from Minted

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We have been using Minted for our Christmas cards and gift giving for a few years now. The quality is always great, with gorgeous paper and amazing colors. Plus the selection is amazing, we can always find something new and fun to share with our friends. They have cards for all occasions, from Christmas to wedding. They even have foil-pressed business cards that I really want to order soon, they are just so classy!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for gift giving, or to give to yourself as something special in your own home. We have loved all the custom prints that we have ordered, so I was excited to see the two new options below. I have always liked how many options are available for frames and mats. The ability to make it custom with your own photos and words just makes it unique, which I love. When people come to our home they always comment about how fun it is to see personalized photos and art. What could be better than that compliment?

First up, the custom quote prints. You pick the style, provide your favorite words, and Minted does the rest. You can choose a part of your wedding vows, or a meaningful poem, or just a favorite quote. I am thinking of something fun for our kitchen, as I have seen a lot of funny phrases about tacos recently.

Next up, the Heart Snapshot mix. There are a lot of fun options with this, so be sure to play around with different colors and frame combinations when you are designing yours. I love this idea for a wedding gift, or a special anniversary gift. I keep thinking I need to make one for our 20th anniversary, complete with photos from back when we met until now. I also want to put one together for my parents upcoming 50th anniversary, as I think that would be a really special gift!

And last, but not least, how cute are these play tents? I know that I would have loved this as a kid. I’m pretty sure that our dog would also have loved this (and I have seen some people use them for their dogs and it’s adorable). This would be the ultimate birthday or Christmas gift wouldn’t it? How fun would it be for a baby shower as a gift from a group?

If it’s been awhile since you have visited Minted, be sure to go have a peek! They have added so many fun new things, including home decor. You can even get a jump start on your holiday cards with these super fun Ornament Holiday Cards. I think we are going to give those a try this year, as we have been looking for something fun and different to send. I also saw a lot of fun new stationary (and we all know that I am a stationary lover), that I want to use to replenish my stash.

Which of the three favorites that I shared is your favorite?

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Muppet collectibles

We have been going through storage at my parent’s home, and oh what fun things we have found! I remember trying to collect all of these glasses from McDonald’s, as well as some from Star Wars. These aren’t the only special glasses we collected, and I don’t think we ever accomplished getting a full set. It was always a big deal when the new glasses came out, but I don’t remember what you had to buy to get one. Anyone else remember this?

The Muppets were such a big part of my childhood too, we always made sure to watch The Muppet Show. The two grumpy old men in the balcony were always my favorite part. Is it any wonder I ended up with a bit of snark in my sense of humor?

Did any of you collect these glasses as a kid too? If you did, do you still have them?

That’s a SNAP

I was able to attend one of our local blog conferences recently. It’s called SNAP, and creative people from all over gather to share ideas and skills. This wasn’t my first year attending, and although I had fun, it wasn’t my favorite year.

Last time I attended I took tons of hands on classes, and I was looking forward to doing that again. Sadly, there weren’t as many, and the classes offered were almost all ones I had taken before. I did take a few good classes related to blogging, but I will admit to being let down by the amount of classes offered. Of course, this was by design, as the conference on the whole was smaller.

Long before the news was announced at the conference, I had wondered if this one was the last one. Now, it’s not exactly the last, but it was the last one for the founding team. The torch has been passed to two new people, who will hopefully be able to revive the spark Snap used to have, but only time will tell. It’s a shame it couldn’t have gone out with a bang to set it up well for the new owners, but I am looking forward to seeing what they will make of it.

Of course, the best part of any blogging conference is being able to get some time away from daily life, see old and new friends, and talk with people who “get” what it is like to be a blogger. Luckily that part didn’t change, and I had tons of fun at the parties with my friends. There was a “sweets” themed party on the first night which was a lot of fun, with cute crafts and plenty of time to chat and get to know people. The other party was 80s themed, which was fun to dress up for, and I always love being able to get on the dance floor.

There were some great sponsors at the conference too, I was especially excited about Polaroid and Cannon. I’m hopeful that next year is going to be fun, it would be sad if we no longer had a great blog conference in Utah. What about you, do you enjoy going to blog conferences? If you were at SNAP this year did you feel the same way I did?